How to revive an iPhone?

It is a very delightful feeling when one owns an iPhone as it is considered to be the best amongst all mobile phones because of its sharp features, superior looks, sleek design and its operating system. It usually has a glass covering which is very delicate and requires the owner to be extremely careful while operating or using it. An iPhone has sharp pixel quality which enables clarity of the screen while using it as well as boasts of an extremely high quality camera that captures pictures and videos of the best quality. One can use it to make calls, access the internet, watch videos, listen to songs, play games etc. It has an operating system different from the other smart phones and can only download apps from the specified App store created for iPhone. Due to daily usage and wear and tear, there are possibilities when an iPhone can stop functioning and needs to be repaired and rectified of the glitch. An iPhone repair store is designated by the brand in several countries and cities where one needs to visit when there is a problem with the iPhone and needs attention.

Ways of iPhone repair in Toronto

Toronto is a large city consisting of several people who own iPhones and fall prey to the phone misbehaving and being in need of a repair. There are several service centers for iPhone repair Toronto who have been authorized to only deal with products of the iPhone brand name. They are well equipped with different parts and accessories of an iPhone and can well handle and revive an iPhone that needs a repair and has stopped functioning normally. The parts of an iPhone are sensitive and needs special attention and care in order to revive it and make it function smoothly. iPhone repair should be done by trained professionals who know how to mend and repair an iPhone.

Essential tips on handling an iPhone

IPhone is no doubt the best amongst all mobile phones as they are well equipped with almost all modern day services expected from any given smart phone. Handling the iPhone with care and making sure of not exposing it to harmful events increases its longevity and makes it last longer. Using the iPhone, according to the needs and requirements of the user is no doubt a priority, but one should try and avoid damage both internally and externally.

Difference between the Wedding and Anniversary Cards

There are many ways of wishing and greetings to your love ones, but the simplest and the most common is by cards. There are man ways that are modified with the passage of time like now you can greet you special one by texting, phone call, video chat, chatting and on social media. There are many means but the ancient on is inviting and sending greeting by cards. The card is the only mean which is not changed due to the passage of time; people use to send their greeting, feeling, expression and invitation by means of cards. There are many type of cards available in the market, both on the online and commercial market, the cards like anniversary wishes and wedding invitation and wishes is the most demanded and common, Because both of the functions are of great importance in any one’s life. There is a major difference between the wedding card design and in the anniversary card design; some of the differences are as follows:

Wedding card designs: as we all know wedding is the beginning step towards a new life, a door to happiness for both of the couple. The day is of great importance in every one’s life, and it only come once in the whole life. Every single person of the family has their wishes and desires on the marriage of their brother, sister, daughter and son or any of the relatives. The must and necessary point is inviting by the means of cards by the hosts and the greeting and wishes by the mean of cards. The main purpose of sending cards is to give respect to the guests, it gives a feel of importance and love as the cards are symbol of sending love and message from centuries. Indian wedding cards are the best known for their versatility and design.

Anniversary cards: the main difference between the wedding cards and anniversary cards is that the anniversary cards are the greeting of a life which is already started the first step toward this life was wedding. As the couple started their life and every year they celebrate their happiness and memories with each other and with special friends and relatives, so the trend of wishing them luck for the entire life and to express your love is wishing them by cards. Even it is also a tradition that you must have to present them a card, but it is totally different from the wedding card like for example the wording, sentences and the pattern and style is totally change from wedding card. This card is o greeting type, even if you are presenting the couple a gift then you also have to give a card on which your name is mentioned and love and quotes with the name of the couple.

The chief difference is that the anniversary represents to the past event, and in the other case the wedding represents a present event and also it is of future that it decides the future of the couple.

Did U.S. Comfort Women Really Exist?

Comfort women have long been associated with Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II, but there are lesser-known accounts of comfort women being used by the Korean military during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. While it is known that the Koreans established comfort stations for U.N. soldiers stationed in the southern part of the peninsula during the Korean War, the question remains if U.S. soldiers also used these comfort stations.

Who Were Comfort Women?


Accounts of comfort women being used in wars and conflicts in Asia Pacific date back as far as the 1930’s in countries such as Korea.

In the beginning it is believed that these comfort women were prostitutes that were paid to work in the ‘comfort stations’ although many women who worked there also say that they were often forced too. But, there was an official report conducted by the Allied Force about Korean comfort women working for the Japanese soldiers in Burma during the WWII. The report concluded that the 20 interviewed Korean women were “nothing but prostitutes,” who were reasonably well fed and had “plenty of spending money.”

According to documentation and testimony from surviving comfort women, the women, lured with the promise of money and good-paying jobs, were forced, or kidnapped into service in the comfort stations. Some estimates put the number at approximately 200,000 with around half that being Korean women, but many of these Korean women were forced by their own government to serve not only soldiers from their own army but of the US military too.

In most cases the women were horribly mistreated, raped, and lived in miserable conditions. It is believed that as many as three-quarters of the comfort women died due to physical trauma and abuse, and disease. Many others suffered repeated injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and when found to be pregnant were made to endure forced abortions.

The women came from countries around Asia Pacific including Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Manchuria, Malaysia, and others. For years after the war ended the issue of comfort women went largely unnoticed with the Allies assuming it was just an extension of Japan’s legal prostitution.

But in the 1990s the issue came to light when many women began coming forward with their stories of forced sexual slavery by their own government. In 1993 the Kono Statement was issued by the Japanese government acknowledging the involvement, either directly or indirectly, in the establishment of comfort stations and coercive procurement of comfort women. This was followed by the establishment of the Asian Women’s Fund by the Japanese government, in order to provide compensation to the surviving comfort women.

Korea and Comfort Women

During the Korean War from 1950 to 1953 the Korean army established comfort stations in the southern part of the peninsula for the soldiers. Special Comfort Stations were set up for Korean soldiers and U.N. Comfort Stations were set up for the U.N. soldiers deployed to the country.

In many cases the women were taken to the front lines by truck to service the soldiers there. While Korea officially disputes that any women in these comfort stations were coerced, many women claim they were forced to work in these comfort stations. It is believed that most of the comfort women at this time were married and had children to support and their husbands had been drafted into the army, leaving them not much choice in how to feed their children.

Korea maintains that the women in these comfort stations were actually working prostitutes who lived and set up shop around military installations. There have been a number of memoirs published by former Korean military leaders, confirming the practice of comfort houses and using coercion to get women to work in them.

Many say that while the government had no direct hand in the establishment of these comfort stations, they turned a blind eye and allowed the practice to continue. According to anthropologist Chunghee Sarah Soh of San Francisco State University, the South Korean military’s use of comfort women has produced “virtually no societal response,” despite the country’s women’s movement’s support for Korean comfort women within the Japanese military. Korean government has utilized this movement for their own nationalism and political tool even in U.S.

U.S Comfort Women During The Korean War

While not much has been discussed about these comfort houses in Korea and if they were attended by the U.S. military, it stands to reason that if these comfort houses existed for both Korean and U.N. soldiers, then U.S. soldiers also visited them. After all, the United States got involved in the Korean War because it is a U.N. member nation.

The existence of these U.S comfort women houses continued well past the end of the Korean War for the purpose of “entertaining” the U.S. troops still stationed in the country and to generate income. It is believed these women attended English classes and etiquette training to be more desirable to the American soldiers and encouraging them to spend their money at the comfort stations.

The government maintains that these women were all prostitutes and were not forced into sexual slavery. But many of these women insist they were coerced to work as comfort women. Two unfortunate side effects of these comfort stations were the increase in the spread of sexually transmitted disease and the incidents of racism. Many of these comfort stations were separated for white and black soldiers. There were even clashes between African-American soldiers and residents near one of the American military installations, including U.S comfort women.

Since 1980s and 1990s women from the Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan have been smuggled into the country to work at forced sex slave labor. And since the 2000s about eighty percent of all the women working in the so-called “clubs” around military bases are foreign. The numbers of comfort women were on the rise in the 2000s in Korea largely due to sex trafficking.

In many cases the women are auctioned off to brothels and then told they will have to work in order to get their passports returned to them. The South Korean government has even admitted that money generated by the sex trade accounts for four percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. U.S comfort women still exist, but the system has changed though modern day sex trafficking can be traced back to the comfort stations that existed during past wars in the region.

The U.S. military has been accused of protecting the current sex slave industry and earning money, as well. The old comfort stations are alive and well around American military bases even though prostitution is illegal in South Korea. They are now typically bars and clubs that cater specifically to U.S. servicemen.

The government continues to turn a blind eye for the income generated from U.S. soldiers. Currently, many U.S. commanders allow soldiers to frequent the bars where women are forced to have sex with soldiers as long as the soldiers are not actually caught with the women.

Comfort Women Fighting Back

More women have come forward in recent years in large part due to organizations like Amnesty International. In 2003 the Korean government stopped issuing travel visas to Russian women, though this increased the number of women from the Philippines being smuggled into the country or lured with the promise of work. In the same year three club owners were brought to trial for trafficking of women.

In the civil trial they were ordered to pay compensation to the Filipino women that they tortured, starved, abused, and forced to have sex with soldiers. Much of the evidence came from a diary that one of the women kept about the conditions they were all forced to endure. In 2005 another club owner was forced to compensate a Filipino woman that he forced to have sex with U.S. soldiers. It was alleged that he lured the woman to South Korea to be a nightclub singer but that when she arrived she was locked in the club with other women and forced to have sex.

Recently a lawsuit was filed by over a hundred against the South Korean government claiming they were coerced into working at comfort stations that catered to the U.S. military and then ostracized and derided as “Yankee whores”. One of the women involved in the lawsuit, Kim Kyeong-sun says the soldiers themselves were young and naïve and probably had no idea the women in these comfort houses were there against their will. She blames the Korean government for allowing the practice to occur in the first place. According to a report by Stars & Stripes,“the state caused the plaintiffs pain, so the state has a duty to compensate them,” one of several attorneys for the women said, adding that the national government also praised the women for earning U.S. dollars after the Korean War, when South Korea was desperately poor and American currency was believed as a way to recover from the struggling economy.

The lawsuit alleges that women were pressured or coerced into prostitution in facilities and government-designated areas around American military bases, dating back to 1957. The women say the government sponsored English-language classes for the women and that the government would periodically round up groups of these women to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases so that they could continue to work as U.S comfort women.

If any of the women tested positive they were held against their will in medical facilities under quarantine. They are seeking damages, claiming their civil rights were violated and they want a public apology form the government, acknowledging they allowed the practice to continue. The claim is that from the 1960s to the 1980s Korea was ruled by dictators such as President Park Chung-Hee, father of the current President Park Geun-hye, who feared the American military would leave the country, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by North Korea.

Much like the original comfort women, these women were stigmatized and shunned so they kept quiet. When the surviving comfort women began to tell their stories publicly, the women involved in the lawsuit felt it was finally time to tell their stories, but it has been only recently that people have been paying attention. Some have raised the question of these women being referred to as comfort workers, saying they are using the term to get attention and sympathy when they were really prostitutes. The women coming forward maintain that just like the older comfort women of the war years, they, too were coerced into the sex trade. Some critics claim by using the term “comfort women” it undercuts the suffering of the women forced into sexual service in previous wars and conflicts.

Supporters say that while the atrocities committed by the Japanese early in the 20th century against comfort women are horrendous, the plight of these women should not be viewed as being any less so. Many of the comfort women from 1957 on have suffered physical and mental trauma.

Another woman who is part of the lawsuit, 76-year-old Cho Myung-ja says she ran away from home in the 1960s to escape an abusive father and worked in one of the red-light districts. Her pimp then sold her to a brothel that serviced American soldiers and was allowed to operate by the Korean government. She said that it was a hard life and many of the women got sick regularly.


Cho Myung-ja, 76, had ever served U.S. military personnel stationed in South Korea, in her room in a shack outside Camp Humphreys, a U.S. military garrison, in Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Cho said about the forced testing for sexually transmitted diseases, “To make sure we didn’t pass on some disease to foreigners, we were tested twice a week, and if it looked abnormal, we would be locked up on the fourth floor, unlocking the door only at meal times, and some people broke their legs trying to escape.”

The women claim that after they deemed unfit or too old to continue working in the government sanctioned brothels they were left to live in poverty and neglected, as well as being shunned after the government claimed these women were civilian diplomats and patriots working for their country.

Another former comfort woman, 70-year-old Kim Sook-ja says, “They say we were patriots at the time, but now they couldn’t care less. We didn’t fight with guns or bayonets but we worked for the country and earned dollars.”

A small number of non-government organizations gathered the women’s stories and helped file the lawsuit on behalf of the 122 women in June of this year. Recently a group of lawmakers have introduced a bill in South Korea’s parliament, seeking a probe into the entire government sanctioned system, as well as calling for recognition for the contribution made by the women and offering compensation.

Hundreds of these former prostitutes or U.S comfort women still live in poverty around the American military bases, unable to leave. Many of them are very ill and have no family or anyone to care for them in their old age. The lawsuit is seeking $9,800.00 U.S. dollars per woman in compensation but for them, the apology is just as important.

In Seoul there is now this suing movement by comfort women for the U.S. and Korean military forces during the Korean War and thereafter. The background of this movement is nothing but the confidence gained by the Koreans from the success stories of the US-based movement concerning women forced into prostitution by the Japanese military (Japanese military comfort women) before and during World War II. Korean-Americans played a major role in this movement. They exerted influence on municipal governments to the extent that some American cities constructed statues and monuments to commemorate Japanese military comfort women. However, their success stories in the US have put these women in the public eye; a state of affairs which even the Korean government might not have foreseen.








An Apple(phone) a Day… Gets You Your Own House!

No, this is not an offer from Apple Inc.

Apple is known to be one of the most elegant technology brands in the world. It has set a bar which is hard to reach and a brand value which is hard to compete with. Those who use Apple devices do not do well with any other devices. Ask a technology savvy person to use a windows based device and he/she may become your sworn enemies. However this discussion is not so much about Apple as it is about an iOS app by

The portal has been able to create an app for the search of properties while on the move. Whether you are looking for a property to purchase or for rental, there is a provision to complete the search anywhere, anytime with considerable ease. All that you need to do is to spend some time on the app every day, and you would find a property for purchase quickly. The portal endeavours to offer the best properties in the first go. However there might be cases where a property of choice is not available. That is when the process of finding the best property takes time.

What is the App all about?

The’s iOS app allows end users to find properties while on the move. The app interface is simple and the navigation is intuitive. Assume you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Mumbai for sale. The app allows you to search for houses for sale. This is the first option in the list of options available. Using the others, you can search for rental properties, PGs, hostels and property agents.

Before the search process is initiated, you are prompted to log into the device. In this manner, all information/property details you save eventually become independent of the device. They are saved on the cloud and become device independent. You can access that information later on from any place/any device.

As soon as you select the first option (to purchase property), the Apple device prompts you to select your current location as the default location for search. If you are in an area in Mumbai where you would want to purchase a property, then you can let the apple device have its way. Alternately, you get to choose the location by typing its name.

The search results are revealed in a map of the locality. There are property clusters in the form of black billiard balls which depict areas with high concentration of properties. As soon as you tap on any of these cluster markers, you are able to view the individual property markers as you zoom into the map. However the interesting bits are available with the other options.

In Depth Property Search

On the top of the map result screen are two options: ‘Local’ (on the right) and ‘Filters’ (on the left). The former allows you to view amenities like parks, hospitals, schools, restaurants, banks, bus stops etc. in the map of the locality. The latter allows you to eliminate properties from the search using options which appeal to your requirements. The end results are in the form of a number of properties that closely meet your requirements.

In Conclusion

Selection and short listing are a matter of subjective review. However this real estate app certainly is an enabler.

Getting The Newest World Media

The planet is separated into several continents and each of them differs from the others with regards to geography, folks, cultural procedures, religious thinking etc. Though folks living around the globe are diverse in person ways often there is a relationship between these. People kind one area of the world want to know what exactly is happening inside the other elements of world. People throughout the world like being updated with all the latest planet news not merely in the interests of knowledge nonetheless it gives them the impression of togetherness. For this reason, the Of india news make a difference a one who is sitting a long way away from Of india. The particular person may or may well not belong to be able to India at all but virtually any event which can be happening inside India make a difference others from the rest of the entire world often. Similarly Parts of asia news isn’t only important for your people moving into Asia nonetheless it is anticipated by some other Asian those people who are currently away from their country or for many who are both related immediately or in a roundabout way or generally not very related for the changes occurring in Parts of asia.

There are usually various method of communication available in the market. With the particular advancement with the technology people from your remote spot can get acquainted with about the newest World News in just a second. The many ways whereby one will get India media or Parts of asia news are usually –

Tv set

Radio remains the most affordable media to access know what exactly is happening about us. With all the introduction of varied radio programs, radio provides revived the importance because the communication mass media. Through radio stations, the people from your remote elements of a country could easily get connected to other world. There are numerous radio programs which deliver what is the news in neighborhood languages simply so there is certainly wide acceptability for the kids.

Internet is among the most best as well as the fastest means to obtain the latest planet news. A lot of the news web sites are totally free so here is the most economical solution to get updated with all the current details. One will get the web sites for Parts of asia news or perhaps specific Of india news. People can click the mouse as well as the news will probably be delivered. The media portals are attempting to get greater market on this competitive age group so a lot of them are wanting to provide information inside the regional terminology.

Enterprise News : Backbone regarding Media Market

Business can be a person’s typical occupation, career or business. An economic climate in which usually goods and also services are usually exchanged for starters another or for cash is recognized as business. It constantly needs a lot of research, details, knowledge and also patience. Hence, this demand news which is recognized as business media.

It is probably the most important factor in virtually any media organisation whether it’s electronic, art print or cyber mass media. It could be the news concerning business, purchase and economic sector. Such as topics for instance corporation, mergers, inventory price, modify in authority of key corporation, organisation or perhaps firm for instance “Nokia brands Rajiv Suri since CEO”.

In newspaper there is certainly the enterprise page which usually outlines inventory price and also trends with the market, forex rate, price of your crude acrylic and consumer banking information. It furthermore contains Native indian Market news along with International enterprise, happenings concerning mergers, platinum trade, business in agriculture commodities and also telecommunication.

Several media business has the daily newspapers which simply contains enterprise related details. These newspapers covers India along with International, economic news and also issue. Business magazines in Of india primarily addresses market or perhaps policy news because it is strongly related business masters, economists, financiers, investors or perhaps public coverage makers.

Electronic mass media and cyber mass media plays extremely crucial role in operation news. As due to the fact its offer breaking details whereas newspapers is art print once in one day. Stock swap markets maintains on fluctuating each moment plus it effects buyers and company owner. In this kind of circumstances electronic digital and cyber mass media plays a significant role inside providing updates for the share slots and product owners.

A number of the Indian electronic digital media has a unique business media channels fundamentally which simply broadcasts updates linked to the enterprise. These programs tracks, data, analyzes and also interprets the particular economic modify that happen in any society.

News programs and cyber mass media keep the viewers changing with newest business media from Indian currency markets and around the globe. Reuters India is probably the best media agency which usually provide excellent articles, critiques, analysis and offer stories for the organisation. It includes top industry news revisions covering Indian currency markets information, fund, investment plus more news.

Inside India, RBI economic policy evaluate which handle the method of getting money simply by exercising the control over interest to sustain price stableness and attain high monetary growth, and price range session inside the parliament will be the two huge events which usually attracts every one of the media firm in the united states.

Paris, When It Sizzles (1964) – making romance in the French capital

Paris sizzles 1964 is a sizzling romantic comedy and a box office hit movie that was directed by popular American actor and film maker, Richard Quine and was released in 1964. The movie features Audrey Hepburn & William Holden playing the lead roles. George Axelrode has written the movie’s screenplay. Audrey Hepburn is a renowned Hollwood actress having amultinational lineage. She was partly Belgian, partly Dutch and partly British. Audrey Hepburn survived the World War II and through her good looks and hard work rose to become one of the top actresses of Hollywood. Like the other Hepburn movies, Paris, When It Sizzles was shot in major European cities like Paris, Rome, etc. For information about the other movies visit


Richard Benson (role played by William Holden), a drunken writer is hired by Hollywood producer, Alexander Meyerheimer (role played by Noel Coward) to write a script for his next movie. Richard Benson once was a talented writer, but his inspirational skills got diminished due to heavy drinking.

  • Though Benson accepted the job offered by Alexander Meyerheimer, instead of working on the script spends most of his time in drinking admiring the city’ night life. Benson returns back to his senses and find that only 2 days are left to deliver the script.
  • To overcome his difficulty, Benson employs a temporary secretary named Gabrielle Simpson (role played by Audrey Hepburn) to assist him on the script. Gabrielle is skilled in offerings various scenarios, the duo jointly writes the “The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower” that appears as a unique story, however it is based on the romance that developed between Richard & Gabrielle. Paris, When It Sizzles has an exceptional humor sense and it never bores a viewer.
  • Till date it continues to be one of the most popular movies. “Paris, When It Sizzles” is of the movie within movie type.
  • Response- Just like the leading role, William holding in actual life was troubled by his drinking habits. William holder was 10 years elder to Audrey Hepburn. Due to his drinking activities, he appeared more aged than Audrey Hepburn.

When compared to the other movies, Audrey Hepburn appears thinner, however, she appears stunning in “Paris, When It Sizzles” is another Audrey Hepburn’s most exceptional movie. For further details about paris sizzles 1964 visit


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How To Maintain Safety And Security In The Company With The Help Of Experienced Forklift Operators

What is a forklift truck: the forklift truck is considered to be a powered truck which is used in the industries in order to lift heavy materials and move them to some other place. These trucks are also known as the fork truck or the lift truck. They were manufactured in the twentieth century by large number of companies due to their effective uses and efficiency. They are frequently used in the warehousing companies and in manufacturing centers. These trucks are of great importance. Many small scale companies or the local outlets look out for the used forklift trucks for sale so that they can get it at cheaper rates.

Why is the forklift truck so important: These trucks are mainly manufactured in order to lift and transport large and heavy materials from one place to another. They are mostly used in the companies and in the industries. The technology used in fork lifting has gained much importance. There are many companies who use these trucks. These trucks need to be maintained properly so that they can provide their service for a long time. The trucks are extremely heavy and are extremely powerful. The person who would be operating the truck will have to be very careful as these trucks would not take in creating havoc. So it is necessary to maintain the safety measures before operating it. The operators must be well trained and experienced in this field in order to avoid any unwanted situation.

The driver who would be operating the forklift trucks will have to be well trained and well experienced. They are given proper training before they start operating the machines. They are given proper certificates and training sessions beforehand. They training and experience will ensure safe usage of the machine. The trucks cannot be operated by those who are not trained. When the operators are well trained and well skilled then they can transport the heavy and the large materials without consuming much time. They operate the trucks in a safe and steady manner. If the operator is good then eventually the productivity and the supply will increase further increasing the output of the company. The companies can also buy the trucks where used forklift trucks for sale are available.

When the company is deciding to but the used forklift trucks for sale, they must ensure that the trucks are in good condition and also should take the necessary paper works of the vehicle. If the trucks are operated by the skilled drivers then there are very less chances of meeting with accidents as they are well trained. The machines need to be maintained in order to avoid any problem. If they are maintained properly then they will provide their service for a long period of time. The operators who are trained will be having greater confidence while operating the machines than the people who do not have much experience. So, it is always recommended to for taking the assistance of skilled professionals so that the machines can be handled by experienced hands.

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