Meet the Great  Business Strategist of the Time

Anyone who has been a part of the banking and securities sector has heard the name of Alexander Lakhanpal. Apart from holding the position of a senior manager in the banking and securities practice of Deloitte, he is also known for his philanthropic nature.  From donating clothes to food, he lends a helping hand in all ways possible. Being an open minded person, he respects people from all walks of life equally.

He abhors racism and is against any kind of discrimination based on gender or skin color. Very few people are as good natured as him and this is what makes him one of the jewels of our society. Ever since the time he was in university, he helped people in any way possible and his generous nature has helped him become one of the top professionals in the world. Despite achieving a high stature in his professional life, he sticks to his roots and continues to help people as much as possible.

Alexander Lakhanpal  is not somebody who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and whatever he has achieved in life is because of his hard work and determination. He is truly a motivational person and we should all try to emulate his ability to work hard and persevere to achieve our goals. He has been an excellent academician and has earned the Bachelor of Science in management at Tulane University. His background in management has helped him become one of the top managers in the country.

He also pursued a double major during his graduation and holds a Finance and Accounting major as well. Despite all of his academic achievements he was a regular athlete and was one of the best at university level. This shows us that with the right amount of dedication we can balance our passions and our career at the same time. Alexander Lakhanpal does not believe in leisure. Whenever he g takes part in all kinds of volunteering activities and is a diligent worker in many nonprofits as well.

He takes a keen interest in science and one of his biggest passions is Astronomy. As a child he would simply stare at the sky at night and look at the stars. He knows every constellation an planet that’s visible from our planet and has vast knowledge about astronomy. He is one of the most qualified men in the country and his time management skills are beyond belief. Alexander Lakhanpal manages to juggle between work and his charitable activities.

He is one of the most dedicated professionals you will ever meet. If he ever sets his eyes on achieving a particular goal he will do it without failure. The sheer number of achievements this great man has surely makes him worthy of being a role model for anyone who wants to become successful and then give it all back to society and help them in any way possible.


Investment and Acquisitions – The Key to Maximum Business Growth

At his early 50s, the young, self-motivated Canadian Business Executive Anthony Munk has been positioned as the Senior Managing Director of the Toronto based huge investment group, Onex Corp. He is a long associate of Onex Investment Corp and previously, he was the Managing Director as well VP of this major corporate.

Onex is one of the fastest developing and oldest private equity firms. Incepted in ’84, Onex’s major business focus area is investment and acquisition of high-quality businesses which are in bad position and making them money-making with the help of its most talented professionals and management teams. Aside from this, the company invests significantly in collateralized loans, credit securities and leveraged loans. This major corporate also takes interest in hospitality industry and building items. The majority of its activity areas are designed supervised and administered by Anthony Munk in conjunction with other directors, board and management people.

Munk is also connected to Cineplex Entertainment Inc as its Independent director, and as a Board of director in Barrick Gold Corporation. This should be mentioned here, that his father Peter Munk is a business entrepreneur who made Barrick as the largest Gold producing company in the world. Importantly, apart from helping Anthony Monk in getting his foremost job, Peter Munk didn’t back his son Anthony in any terms; because he was confident about Anthony’s competence and attitude of ‘making things done’. In fact, Munk is linked to a number of companies as their board directors. To name a few, there are companies like Cineplex Entertainment, Tomkins Building Products, Munk Peter Charitable Funds apart from JELD-WEN, Art Gallery of Ontario and more.

With the takeover of SIG COMBIBLOC Group AG, the Swiss Major Juice container producer followed by York Risk Services, a risk management company, Anthony Monk has declared his company’s arrival in global takeover market. Meanwhile, the major private equity enterprise together with its associate, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has taken over Tomkins Plc. In back 1850, since its inception SIG, is engaged in manufacturing railway cars and achieved good sales. The company employs 5,100 staffs and having business access across 40 countries.

When it comes to the possibilities of its future business changes or diversification apart from keeping the production of railway car, the ball is in Onex’s court. Acquiring the large European companies at competitive prices is now the ‘bull’s eye’ of Anthony. Most importantly, the fall down in North American movie, theater industries and the bankrupted conditions of major theater houses has been wonderfully utilized by Anthony Munk. Out of the major houses he grasped so far, comprise of the Mexican major CINEMEX, Michigan’s Star Theater and Loews. As speculated by Anthony Munk that the industry is regaining its time again and boosting up especially after the blockbuster launch of movies in a series like ‘Spider-Man, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘A Beautiful Mind’. With record number of moviegoers the ticket prices are also mounting like anything.