A Guide to the Courses to Select for Enthusiasts Willing to Learn Diving

One of the major decisions of life includes getting a career of your choice. If you have a hobby that you would love to take up as a main full time career option, then you should probably choose it. This is the reason diving and swimming have got so much of popularity worldwide. Careers over the years have seen a sea change with many options opening in areas, which were even unheard of in the past. Where earlier, the only profession was of a beautician; today you have a separate artiste for each part of the body, starting from the nail to the hair to the make-up. The same diving too has bifurcated and people have also taken a great liking towards it. This is why institutes of repute like Divers Academy International have come up with courses in diving that would not just help you know the details of diving but would also deal with the specific branches in detail.

Knowing about the courses in diving:

Today, diving institutes in the country have come up with various courses both long-term and short-term depending on your requirement. If you wish to do a thorough course in long-term to give a sound backing to your basic swimming or diving skills and make a career out of it, then go for long-term or full time courses. If you wish to just upgrade the existing or working knowledge in diving, then short-term courses of advanced techniques would do. However, it is essential that you take time to enroll only in the reputed institution after browsing Diversacademy.edu and after learning in depth about the courses.

The institute should adhere to the safety measures with great care and then only you should even think of enrolling. A visit to the institute to check in these measures and the area that would be used for practical classes should be helpful. Likewise, you can go for reading through the Divers Academy International Reviews that would be available online. A look through these means you would know what the passed out students have to say.

More on knowing about the courses and institute:

If you have someone already enrolled in these diving institutes then ask them for a reference. This would help you in getting a fair understanding and a really first-hand idea. Talking of the courses, you could go for Commercial diving lessons and this would enable you to make a lot of money by pursuing your hobby or passion. The courses would begin with the Orientation, which would help you in understanding the overall curriculum and the kind of personal diving gear that you should buy. Further to this, you would be explained on different branches of commercial diving like the on-shore diving, offshore diving, HAZMAT diving and the Naval diving. These would be able to open your eyes on how and which field to choose to make your career. You also should check out Diversacademy.edu to know if they have courses on Scuba diving and deep sea diving that are also excellent as career options.

Avail A Spectrum Of Necessary Services Offered By Cox & Kings Global Services

For an embassy receiving thousands of visa and passport applications, processing of such documents of a sheer volume and managing the vast data electronically proves a herculean task. After all, there can be no compromise with the safety of the documents and security of the data within the documents. As a result, embassies take help of companies who are known for providing an array of such services in a secured manner.

With its corporate office in Mumbai, Cox & Kings Global Services is one such company. It has its offices in Delhi and Dubai too. CKGS has been founded in 2008 and since then, there is no looking back. The company was earlier named as Quoprro Global Services and presently offers its services to many diplomatic missions across the globe. Some of these missions are as follows:

  • Bahrain visa application centre – Egypt
  • Vietnam Visa Application & Processing Centre
  • Embassy of India & Its Consulates
  • Royal Thai Consulate General
  • Embassy of Japan
  • The Embassy of India
  • Consulate General of Italy
  • RERA-Government of Dubai
  • Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department(DNRD)

The company also has its centers in India, Kuwait, Egypt, Vietnam, Sweden, USA, Latvia.


Range of services by Cox & Kings Global Services


The company offers a wide spectrum of services globally. These services are the following ones.

  • Visa Processing and Passport Application – The service include information dissemination, acceptance, pre-scrutiny, tracking, and return of documents. This also includes fee handling via various payment modes, data management and interview scheduling in a secured way.
  • Biometrics Enrollment – Biometrics now plays a major role as a standard of identification and the company offers commendable biometric solutions. Be it capturing of finger prints or digital images, everything is in compliance with the International standards. To ensure security of the biometrics, all biometrics are collected only before CCTV cameras and are never retained on any electronic media.
  • Electronic Document Management – Data storage in physical form i.e. in papers proves highly costlier and if it is in electronic form, managing the same securely is not an easy ball game. Cox & Kings Global Services offer excellent management services for electronic documents. All the documents are scanned electrically and indexing is done by unique document identifiers so that retrieval when needed is fast and secured.


The company is a reputed one and is a subsidiary of a renowned public limited travel company named Cox and Kings Ltd (CKL) which is also one of the oldest company offering travel services continually since 1758. CKGS puts utmost emphasis on conducting regular audits internally so that quality of all the operational procedures carried out by the company can be assured or enhanced. Those who are seeking similar services or solutions can fill the online form available over the official website of the company.

The company also invites others to contact them for any business inquiry even if the solutions or services that they are searching are not offered by the company.