Department of Marketing & Finance

As we presumably am mindful the record and advancing are the two most basic bit of business and the understudies who need to manufacture their calling in business they have to make awesome request on them two on any of them. gave a rich resource of development, equipment and material to get their experience more in store. By this an understudy can make awesome charge and construct his knowledge on trust in light of the way that it gives them mechanized instruments and gives them data to examinations the substances, any understudy around the worldwide can see this site and transform into its part and can learn distinctive key fact of cash. This offers stacks of distinctive courses related to business as like cash, advancing, organization HR et cetera, and it moreover brains a yearly examination is which understudy can join in and can show their best aptitudes on its reason in like manner can arrive a position in those workplaces which are related to this site.

As we likely are mindful the advancing division of a firm is a discriminating and fundamental office. It is worried with a complete activity of the firm, as like offering stock, organization to the customers et cetera it’s an overabundance of time It offers opportunity to understudy to take in additional about promoting office and their work. Additionally, reliably clusters of competitions bolstered by diverse division and foundation in which understudy of showcasing gathering can take an interest from any bit of globe and they have to make a complete advancing framework about anything or business to expose it and after that you have to present it into the restriction and as demonstrated by your gathering endeavor you will get marks and in case you accomplish in last than you roused chance to win the prize.

This is association that have some mastery dynamically offering elevating understudy to show their best capacity in the restriction and identify with their establishments while performing in completing among the whole world and by this fulfillment they can get stores of gainful and profitable realizing which can be exhibit helpful to assemble their aptitudes and the larger part of association select the understudy to give chance them to shoe their capacity in their association as an agent.

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company)

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is the largest Distribution Company of PEPCO which is working in 13 districts of South Punjab.

MEPCO is the only distribution company which touches three provinces and also the border of India at Minchinabad, Bahawalnager. Administratively MEPCO control its area through the nine operation circles named Multan, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, D.G.Khan, Rahim Yar Khan and Vehari & Khanewal. The vision of MEPCO is to provide reliable and safe electricity to the consumers. MEPCO has a vision for the creation of the resources and plans for addition of more power and renovation of old ones to make sure uninterrupted supply of electric power.

If you are in the area of MEPCO and you want a new electricity meter, then you can get complete information from Sub division office in your city, and submit it with fee challan receipt and other documents. After applying for New meter , it is installed within 35 to 40 days. For correction of wrong bills you can contact with sub division office of MEPCO.

If you are looking for duplicate bill of MEPCO then visit this link for online Mepco duplicate bill


Tips in Hiring Courier Services

Couriers are people who deliver packages, messages and mails. Courier services provide a quick way of transporting packages and documents from one place to another.  These companies offer services that would help you make your life a whole lot easier because instead of you who travel and bring those packages to a certain location, the couriers will be the one to do it for you.

The couriers could actually save you from the hassle and lets you do other works that you ought to do. Choosing the right courier service can save money, time and in general make the task of delivering shipments in accordance with deadlines a lot easier.

Here are some tips that you should consider upon hiring a courier

  • Check and evaluate your delivery needs

Assess the delivery of your package as to the location that you are supposed to bring it. If you are just in Melbourne and your package or documents are just to be send locally, look in Couriers Melbourne that specializes in on-demand pick-up and would deliver it immediately to its designated location.

  • Make a research

Look into the web as to the companies that offer courier services. List them down and separate those courier companies who only offer local delivery from those couriers who have a wider delivery range and accept packages that needs to ship in a more distant place. Look also into the background of the company and check some of the reviews of its client; its one way of checking that the company has a good reputation in this field

  • Bonded courier companies

This is an important factor that you must take note when hiring for a courier. When it comes to delivering packages, damage cannot be avoided so you must make sure that the company is bonded before you hire their services. The bonding company would be the one responsible in paying the claim if in case the courier company damages, or worse, loses the package.

  • Assess the prices

The prices of these courier companies would often depends on the size and weight of the package, and also the distance from the point of origin of the package up to the location where it’s supposed to be delivered. The length of time that the package or document would arrive at its designated location would also affect the price. You should assess carefully as to what company a reasonable price has and would fit to the package that you want to be delivered.

  • Inquire for some discounts

There are some courier companies who would offer discounts in exchange of hiring their services for a specified period of time. You might want to present this offer to them and might consider it. This could actually save you a substantial amount of money in a couple of months.

These are just few but important tips that you should consider in hiring courier companies. Be sure to be alert and may you’d be able to hire the best company that would fit your needs.


Rain boots: Essentials in your Wardrobe

If you are a resident of an area water pouring most of the season or planning to visit this type of area then you must pack an essential item that is rain boots. Whether you are a college student who has to walk across pools filled with rain water in your campus, or simply something cool to wear while enjoying the weather, a pair of rain boots can prove indispensable for you since are easy to clean and basically have no maintenance.

As we all know that women have the most number of shoes in their wardrobe, but we here suggest you that sometimes you need different kinds of shoes for different activities. Your stylish leather boots or one of your cutest ballerina will do you no good if you are going for hiking or simply experiencing a rainy weather. Rain boots for women are one of the one of the essential types women should have in their wardrobes. As a matter of fact, rain boots comes in different types such as women rubber rain boots, neoprene or synthetic rubber boots available on numerous online retailing websites.

Selecting the right boot for you is an important as owning one. Rain boots are a basic necessity for people living in areas having high rainfall all over the year whereas winter boots are important for people living in colder countries. Cute womens rain boots are also available which adds a designer feature to your boots. Almost of the available boots on reputed sites like are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about boots fulfilling their basic needs. If you reside in a precipitous climate, we recommend viewing models that are more stylish as you don’t expect heavy rainfall. Usually, they are much taller having smaller shaft circumferences. Also, consider the average temperatures on rainy days in your locality, as temperatures higher than 65F and rainy weather you should consider insulated which will make your feet sweaty and warmer inside.

Not too long ago, whenever you heard the name of boots, a black leathery image came to your mind. Today, the best designers offer their services and have made available some stylish and designer boots that look good on your feet. From boots mainly used by workmen, nowadays most of the reputed companies like Capelli, Chooka, Coach are manufacturing rain boots for women which are stylish but serves their purpose.

If you have active kids who love to play in the rain, don’t worry as now there are a whole exciting range of rain boots for kids also. As conventional boots can be hard for your kid to wear and they can be painful also, handles are included in the design which it very easy and comfortable for children to wear. People living in northern countries must prefer boots with lining in place of just rubber boots as they give off an added layer of protection against cold. So grab a pair of rain boots and enjoy the rainy season as it meant to be.

Rapsodo Baseball – The Latest in Pitch Tracking Technology

Long gone are the days when pitchers would resort to finesse to get a ground out or pop up to end the inning. Today, power pitching and the strikeout have become the norm, especially at the college and professional levels. The only way a prospect can get a look from a major league scout is if he can throw the ball in the mid 90s with movement high, low, left or right.

How Power Pitching Has Changed the Way Pitchers Are Monitored

With an increase in velocity comes an increase in the likelihood of shoulder or elbow injuries. The injuries often come from wear and tear on tendons and ligaments that absorb a lot of torque with every pitch. In an attempt to protect pitchers from Tommy John surgery or worse, coaches and team trainers are putting forth more effort in monitoring how many pitches and the types of pitches their pitchers are throwing. This monitoring process in no longer confined to the pros. With the advent of new and affordable technology, pitchers at the high school level and up are now being put under scrutiny as a means to decrease injuries that could occur later on.

Introducing Rapsodo Baseball

Rapsodo is a technology company that has spent the last few years developing high-tech, data driven training solutions for baseball players throughout the world. At the recent American Baseball Coaches Association Conference in Nashville, Tenn, the company introduced a new pitch tracking device with wireless communication capabilities to a free mobile application designed for iPads. The new product, Rapsodo Baseball, uses patent-pending technology based on radar and imaging to record and report pitching data.

The software application is able to build a pitch statistical database related to characteristics like velocity, spin, strike zone location, pitch count and 3D trajectories.

Key Benefits and Features

The sports science behind delivering a baseball accurately from 60′ away at 90 mph is mind boggling. The Rapsodo Baseball device has been designed to give pitchers and their coaches real-time feedback on a pitch-by-pitch basis. By monitor key data, pitchers can make the needed adjustments to improve performance. They can also monitor their progress and keep track of total pitches while training and/or during games. Over a period of time, coaches can use this pitch count data to determine the optimum pitch count levels are before their pitchers start showing signs of arm fatigue, which often leads to injury. The product’s key features include:

  • tracking capabilities for as many as 10 different key components related to pitching. The software presents this information both statistically and visually through the use of graphs and 3D representations.

  • tracking capabilities for hundreds of players at a time.

  • lightweight and easy to transport. The Rapsodo Baseball device sits on a tripod (included) usually positioned behind home plate pointed towards the mound.

  • accuracy for pitching speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Pitchers spend a great deal of time and effort perfecting the art of pitching. The Rapsodo Baseball tracking device uses the latest in sports technology for the purpose of helping pitchers become more efficient and effective while developing throwing techniques that can help decrease the potential of serious injuries.

If you want a freebet from a bookmaker, you have two choices. You can troll the Internet and look for online sportsbooks that are offering free bets to new players, or you can reach out to the customer service department with your current bookmaker and ask about any freebet offers they can give you to be used as free bets on your favorite sports.

This article is courtesy of sports and tech writer John Hawthorne who is a contributor to many online sports news and technology sources. To see his more analytical work have a look at

Google’s My Business API: What Does It Mean for SMEs?

Google launched its new Google My Business API in December 2015, with the aim of making it easier for brands to manage their business locations and information locally. What impact will Google’s My Business API have, especially for SMEs?


Image Credit

What Is Google My Business API?

The Google My Business API has been developed to be integrated with the Google My Business platform, to make it easier for businesses to provide information and publish updates on Google Search and Google Maps.

What Does It Let You Do?

Using this API, a business can create and edit locations in Google My Business. According to Google developers, authorised representatives can manage business location information for Google Maps, Search and Ads.

Information about a business can be added, including names and addresses. A business location can be marked as permanently closed, and locations can be searched or filtered by name or category. Business photos can also be managed, whilst managers on locations and business accounts can be invited or removed. According to Leadr businesses can also use it to set special holiday season hours, and update them across all locations through an API.

Control for Businesses

By being able to publish updates to customers on Google’s new API, it gives businesses control to provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable information. This can be especially useful for SMEs who can take advantage of this facility to grow their business, gain trust from consumers and give them a competitive edge.

Providing location-specific information is a high priority amongst search giants such as Google, so those businesses that don’t make local search part of their SEO strategy need to put it on their agenda. Many SMEs utilise the services of an SEO agency in Northern Ireland or elsewhere like Northern Ireland SEO Agency Ryco Web and others . Proper SEO management can help to boost search rankings and grow business.

Prior to Google’s new API, local information updates needed to be made manually to the Google My Business platform. This new system should help to streamline processes, saving SMEs time to devote to other business aspects, especially as they begin to grow. Businesses who want to use this API will need approval, however, as Google wants to ensure that the data it provides is accurate and of the highest standards.

How Will London Provide Housing for Another 1.5M People?

London is the UK’s premier city and one of the major cities of the world, and it is already home to a considerable population. However, populations have a tendency to grow, and London is expected to become home to another 1.5 million people by 2030. How is the city going to cope and provide all of these people with houses in an already-crowded market?


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The answer is always going to be building more homes, but it is much easier to name this as a solution than it is to carry it out. London already has precious little development land that isn’t in use, and the land that is available carries much higher prices than it would anywhere else in the UK, making development costs considerably higher.

As a result, some particular kinds of development will be considerably more prominent than others, and indeed this is already the case to no small extent. Blocks of apartments are likely to dominate because they are not only more cost-effective and profitable for developers but also a more effective and space-efficient way to house large numbers of people with limited land resources.

Redevelopment and renovation of existing non-residential stock into homes is also going to be prominent. Much of the land that does come up for sale in London is previously developed, and it is often more cost-effective for developers to convert what is there than to demolish and start from the ground up. These trends are all already in place but are likely to become more pronounced as the city strives to house the extra million-and-a-half residents it will get over the next 15 years.

Innovative Ideas

As developers and indeed government bodies look for ways to provide quality development that is both cost-effective and practical, an increase in the uptake of innovative ideas and new technologies will probably be seen. Examples include fabric architecture, with high-tech tensile fabric structures providing a potentially superior alternative to more traditional building materials in some contexts.

In terms of the design and layout of buildings, innovation is also likely to take place – although its exact shape is yet to be seen. As the already-busy city of London strives to accommodate continued population growth, there will be more pressure on architects to come up with designs that innovatively balance living standards and space efficiency.

Clear or coloured sealant: the mythology

There is a wide choice available when it comes to sealants for jobs around the home. They are used in a wide range of situations, from sealing around window and door frames to ensuring that worktops, showers and baths are protected against water creeping down the edges.


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When it comes to choosing sealant, which type should you choose?

Type of job

The first thing you need to consider is the job you are doing; for example, if you are sealing around a bath or sink, you will need to make sure that you have a waterproof product. For sealing around external window or door frames, you may need to use a sealant that can be safely painted over once it is dry.

For filling gaps around pipes and cables, you may need an expanding foam-type filler to ensure that the opening is completely sealed. Flexibility is another important consideration, particularly for joints in things such as guttering, which will expand and contract according to the climate.

Matching decor

The other major consideration when choosing silicone sealants is matching your decor. You can opt to use a coloured sealant to either blend with your tiles and fittings, or you can choose a contrasting colour to turn the seal into a feature.

In many cases people opt for white as a neutral choice and one that will go with pretty much anything. When buying sealants from specialists such as ct1ltd, it is also possible to purchase clear silicone. While this is a good and unobtrusive choice when applied as a thin layer, it tends to take on a darker appearance if used in more depth and may look more obvious than a coloured alternative.

With any type of sealant, how successful your finished result is depends on how it is applied. As always, preparation is key. Make sure the surfaces you are applying the sealant to are clean and dry, particularly with regard to removing any traces of soap.

Use a proper sealant gun and make sure you cut the nozzle of the tube at a clean angle. Apply the sealant in one smooth run and keep a cup of water handy to dip your fingers in and smooth off the finish. Also keep some kitchen roll to hand to wipe off the excess from the gun and your fingers.

Fruitful ways to build your career using website themes

The growing popularity for the internet usage is widely increasing everywhere people of all age access internet for several works. The updations of every works and online services like e- learning, billing, booking, shopping makes users to stay connected with single area for all operations. To handle every service at online web pages are used that provide detailed information to the people on respective area. If one wants to know about any concern or product then searching on internet offers so many answers related your request. The services that come in first with good ratings are trustworthy and safe to access for your needs.


Normally search engines locate the websites and its quality by analyzing their operation they filter out the trusted ones from fake services. So that online users can access the online services in safe way without worrying about issues and fraudulence. Nowadays users are searching for online operations to make their job easy and simple. It will be effective to use it instead of going to shops. People hate to wait in long queue at bank, bill payments and ticket booking after the existence of online service it is very simple that people get everything in single steps. Redirect to respective website to complete your task without waiting anymore the performance is faster that process every operation immediately within few seconds.

Better assistance for website creation

Website plays major role in all areas without their operation users cannot use the online services more frequently just make use of those to get the best in safe way. Instead reaching to website designers here is best option that lowers your time on designing. Word press offers website templates and themes for all categories of concerns client can look all the themes available on their respective category. For example if you are running shop then improve it through online shopping search website templates on the respective category and choose the suitable one. Choose the theme and aid assistance of support team to improve features or customize the labels in different way.

Currently million of websites are introduced everyday one must withstand their market among those ones, to popularize your standard user has to work more on bringing out the theme in right manner. They technical team has now updated their standard they use advanced coding technology to get responsive websites. Many people are using their services through mobile phones which are simple and easy so need to look for computer. Just proceed your shopping, billing and ticket booking using the responsive websites. While providing best features to the users they will stay connected with your concern hence get the right technical support from website theme providers to upgrade your business standard to next level. There are many website concerns that offer featured designs along with seo operation choose the best one that use latest programming languages put their creativeness in bringing out something different. Internet offer ready answers to your entire requirement explore to find suitable one. Get impressive website templates at

How Traveling Helps You to Stay Cool and Relaxed

Traveling is a word that works just like magic in our hectic daily life. Once you think of an outdoor trip during the vacation your entire family members get geared in a distinct way. Activities from deciding a place to trip; listing down the things to carry; purchasing necessities to preparing backpacks bring a great feel of happiness, pleasure and respite. Indeed, in order to de-clutter your mind from daily workloads; de-stress the frame of your mind and re-energize you to get started once again, there is no better medicine than traveling. While it offers you the unique opportunity to explore wonderful outskirts, landmarks and history, you enjoy the scope to know about different communities; their customs, cultures and many other things.

Those who enjoy shopping during traveling to other countries they can fulfill their desire while for food lovers traveling is a wonderful time to enjoy various kinds of foods and beverages. To know how traveling helps to learn things and de-stress your mind and soul you can go through the writings of travel enthusiasts like Bernell Gatlin whose writings can provide you a lot of information. While you travel to other places within your country or abroad, you enjoy an opportunity to come across different people who have varied lifestyle. This offers a distinct opportunity to see how people lead their lives; find ways to overcome difficulties or react in varied situations. You can come to know how they adapt themselves with different climatic conditions in terms of extreme cold to humid or sea side areas.

During you travel, you can face different types of uncertain as well unpredicted situations that requires you to change your pre-calculated plans. This enhances your skills toward problem solving, quick decision making and also a sense of self confidence. The flexibility you gain during traveling helps you all the way to come out of your stressful hectic life. Without saying, while you visit different place, you meet people belonging to diverse customs. You witness and find their customs, gestures, lifestyle, rituals and more. This enhances your knowledge, widens your openness to other cultures and people. You can get different traveling tips from experts like Bernell Gatlin who can be found in major social media sites.  Traveling helps you gain a wide room to refresh your mind. Since you come out of your typical lifestyle, see different locales, meet inhabitants belong to other cultures; for some days, you simply forget your place of work and that offers you a great relaxation.

In different studies it has been found that refreshment/ relaxation of mind has a number of psychological and physiological benefits. That works magical when you come back to your daily routine life again. Apart from the above there are many benefits of traveling. Bernell Gatlin is a major travel passionate. He used to write different types of articles focusing on traveling, tips and its benefits. Gatlin recommends getting photos of the locales, landscapes, and people and of all that you see during you travel. Nothing can be a better memory than your photo album.