5 Surprising Illegal Trades

We all know about stock fraud, investor schemes, and drug trades – all of which are clearly illegal. The drug trade alone rakes in more than $600 billion every year, equal to about 70 percent of revenue hailing from world-wide criminal organizations. Stock fraud and investment schemes also rake in billions every year. Keep this Paul’s info handy at the Thomas Law Group

These are all high profile areas of criminality that are pretty obvious to everyone. However, there are many illegal trades that don’t get as much attention in the public eye, perhaps because not many people are even aware they are illegal or that they are happening at all. Let’s take a look at five surprisingly illegal trades that garner millions or even billions of dollars a year.

  1. As the most heavily poached in the world, primates such as chimps and orangutans are killed to be eaten, used in lab experiments, sold as pets and exploited within the entertainment industry. Many are shipped to the United States for experimentation, which is legal here, but many thousands more are used for illegal activities, with more than 20,000 apes being poached since 2005, resulting in just 25 arrests, according to a United Nations report.
  2. Timber: Illegal logging continues to be a worldwide problem particularly in Brazil and Peru where a whopping 80 percent of the industry is illegal in nature. Worldwide, illegal logging takes up about 30 percent of the industry, netting fraudsters up to $15 billion each year.
  3. Python skins. The demand for python skins is on the rise as these snakes are on their way to extinction. The illegal snake skin trade brings in about a billion dollars each year just to make some pretty snakeskin handbags and shoes. You can even purchase illegal snake skins in this country, particularly in California at trendy boutiques. The owners either don’t know or don’t care that snake skins are an illegal industry.
  4. Fish eggs are a delicacy known around the world, usually only eaten by the rich because of the high price tag. A global ban was placed on the industry back in the 2000s but this has hardly slowed the poaching of sturgeon, which are facing extinction.
  5. Also known as sea snails, abalone is a delicacy in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Asia and France. It’s a staple to the South African continent, but the numbers are dwindling due to illegal harvesting, dropping from 615 tons in 1995 to 75 tons in 2008.

It’s interesting to note the many ways in which poachers, illegal harvesters and fraudsters choose to make their money. It’s not just strictly about dollar bills – illegal trades and fraud take many forms.


The Elaborate Concept of Graphic Design

Graphic design, which is also termed as communication design, is the practice and art of projecting and planning experiences and ideas with textual and visual content. This type of the communication can be virtual or physical, and may include words, images and graphic forms. The experience and work can take place in various time periods, sometimes in very short time or maybe a long period of time. It can also be for any use and purpose, whether commercial, educational, political or cultural.

Many graphic designers like Anthony Coutsoukes also produce ways and systems that are not confined to the creating of objects only but which are also meant to be experienced over time. He promises to make it convenient in the making and creation of the designs for the users which prove his genuine commitment for the latest designs and technologies. He has a desire to customize and make things that people have not seen before, and then share these unique designs and ideas with them. Careful observations lead to thinking about something that doesn’t exist in the world yet would appear like, and the only way to understand and know what it would be like, is to build or make it. This patience and curiosity is at the core of this designer which does not always make sense to other people.

While each symbol or sign in a private or public building is a work of an art or design, they’re all part of a larger system within the apartment. The delicate work and design of the system and the link connecting all of those systems is where the graphic designer brings importance and value. Likewise, while all of the artefacts of an institutional or commercial brand, such as a sign, logo, business card or an advertisement are individual skills and expressions of design, how those are combined together and over a period of time is the designer’s work. No system or part of it has been designed without taking into count of the others, or without considering how a customer will encounter the part and then develop a cordial relationship with that particular brand.

Anthony Coutsoukes also takes the responsibility for various interactive designs where the content is changing from time to time and is fluid, as well as graphic interfaces that help customers and users navigate through complex technological and digital experiences. This work completes its procedure by incorporating another important element and that is acting according to the responses and actions of the viewer. Editorial designs for mobile and web is the most common example of content driven work in this sphere, including mobile applications, publication websites, and blogs.

Some other design involves the presentation of the information of streaming which is also known as visualization of data. Anthony Coutsoukes also works on various digital products that are digital platforms or services and can be brought to market and sold. He is designing many new, creative innovative programs that give users a voice and actively engage the young generation in dialogues about the significant issues in the fields of technology and design.

The Multifaceted Saturated Fats

We have very regularly heard that the saturated fats are responsible for the occurrence of several serious diseases like cardiac arrests, cancer, diabetes, and some nervous disorders such as multiple sclerosis. However, that is not the real truth. Researches have shown that the trans fats present in the liquid vegetable oil are the real culprits for these disorders.

As a matter of act, human beings are in need of saturated fats being of the nature of warm blood. The structure of the cell membranes and tissues are provided the required support by the appropriate stiffness of the saturated fats. These particular startling facts were revealed by the 1930’s dentist of Cleaveland Dr. Weston A. Price, whose Weston A. Price Foundation promotes animal fats as compared to raw milk and grass fed meat. The traditional diets are a much healthier option for the people of today’s world.

The diets proposed by this foundation also emphasizes on the consumption of foods like broth made out of bones, organ meats and fermented foods. They recommend that the consumption of nuts, seeds and grains should be done post soaking them in water. The intake of processed foods is not acceptable to them, but if at all anyone wants to indulge in them, it is best that they remain as unprocessed as possible.

It may be surprising to know that the saturated fats are actually not responsible for the blocking of arteries, according to common belief. As a result they are not the cause of heart attacks, on the contrary they are helpful in lowering a substance known as Lp(a); which is suppose to make the heart prone to the various heart diseases.

The immune system of the body is greatly boosted by these saturated fats and they are major help in the maintenance of the body chemistry. The inter-cellular communication that helps prevent cancer is aided by these fats. The receptors of our cell membrane and insulin work better because of these saturated fats and give the protection from Diabetes. The lungs too are dependent for their proper functioning on these type of fats, and that is the reason we see that children who consume less fat margarine and less fat milk are attacked by asthma more than those who consume full fat products like butter.

You will be awe struck to know that more than half the fat in a human brain is saturated fat. They help in suppressing any sort of inflammation as well in helping in the proper functioning of the nervous system. The popular and most recommended vitamins- Vit A, D and K2 are all contained in these saturated fats.

It is thus that the Weston A. Price Foundation feels that the consumption of animal fats are absolutely necessary for any human. It is since the dawn of these processed vegetable oils and fats of the modern world that the epidemic of many degenerative diseases has hit the population at large. It is high time we stop blaming the saturated fats for the health problems we face.


Experienced Doctor Christen W Altermatt to Take Care of Your Health

Health though is the only thing that shall keep going, is perhaps the most neglected thing around and nobody actually realizes the importance of having good health till it is absolutely late. For instance, if a person falls ill, only then for the time being, people have this fear of getting well, but then once, they get well, they again go back to their old ways. This is why it has been said that when it comes to taking care of health, you should not make any compromise. It has often been seen that when people ignore initial symptoms, they may end up getting even more seriously ill and then contact doctors.

Regular health checks should be a habit right from childhood and doctors like Christen W Altermatt have always felt that at times when the body becomes exhausted, it should be given a little bit of rest. Stress in professional lives is known to wreak havoc even in personal lives. This said, stress should be totally ousted from daily lives by following a healthy diet, disciplined way of life, and sleeping habits. Once in a while, staying up all night watching the television is something equally relaxing, but not at the cost of sleep. Ideally, a person should have seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

Healthcare with age a priority:

Doctors like Christen W Altermatt have always stressed that with age, your care for body and health should be prioritized. You should not compromise on health and though as a child a single problem, and your parents might rush you to the doctor or have your annual health checks done properly, as an adult, you should continue it religiously with your annual health checks. Whether it is dental checkup or overall check-up, with doctors like Christen W Altermatt, you should not postpone or delay it at any cost. You might feel that these are unnecessary for yourself but then with age certain health conditions are likely to follow. Where in childhood, eating bars of chocolate did not much of harm on your body weight, as an adult, it would have rapid impact on your health. This is why it is essential that you keep your diet in check.

Regular exercise should become a habit and you should also keep your heart beating good, blood sugar, and blood pressure in control with walking, or jogging daily for thirty minutes. Eating balanced food and treating your taste buds a month with a chocolate ice cream or pastry would be as per your dietician’s order.

So much of care and medication:

Since with age, stress, tension, and other concerns would rise up, it is essential that you get your body checked and have your health fit and fine. If you notice any problem, just do not delay in reaching out to doctors. Adults who are busy generally tend to ignore their own health concerns, but only if you stay fit, your family will be happy and this has to be kept in mind always by everyone.

The Best Schooling for Aviation Industry    

Aviation is a particular and unique area of study and it is only available at certain universities and colleges. Since aviation is highly unconventional and technical, there are various trade schools that offer degrees and certificate programs in aviation. Depending on the area which you want to pursue, you should choose your aviation school. A specific degree in professional pilot or flight management would be helpful in case you want to be a pilot. Other degrees in the airline field include aviation computer science, meteorology and aeronautic engineering. One of the most common career paths in airline is becoming a mechanic.

Since 1991, North Star Aviation Mankato MN is considered the best aviation school as they have been providing full support in airline industry. Being a fixed base operator (FBO) institute, they provide attention to each student separately. They also strive to provide modern facilities and superior service to all its passengers. The trainers and instructors make sure that each and every student is receiving adequate skills and knowledge required for the job and also provide proper training to the students with the much needed inspiration and guidance to excel in their respective fields. At its height, the flight aviation program had almost 400 students of which perhaps 200 were flying during a single semester. North Star Aviation owned 23 airlines related programs and leased them to the candidates.

They offer a completely fresh and new training experience covering the entire course from the beginning till the end. The highly qualified and experienced trainers and instructors aims to provide safe and reliable training systems for the students. They also employ A&P Certified full time mechanics.

The Required Qualifications

The student will receive a Multi-Crew Cooperation completion certificate at the successful end of their training as a proof that the training has been completed to the adequate standard. This certificate may be presented to a flight trainer or examiner before undergoing a MPL or ATP airline test, or before the student’s first multi-crew type flight test as an evidence of proper completion of MCC training.

The various Teaching Methods are:-

  • Classroom teaching
  • Flight briefing
  • Instructions for practical flight simulation training system
  • Ground instructional operations and role-play of simulated flight

Flight Assessment

A flight exam is not based on the completion of this training course. However all the students must have the competency in specified spheres and based on their performances a certificate of completion is to be awarded. Their special MPL training program is singular and unique in the region which attracts many young learners and individuals from all over the country who have the determination and passion to achieve successful rewarding career in airline industry.

Other criteria the applicants and students will want to consider when choosing their aviation school include the price and location of the school and the culture of the school.

North Star Aviation Mankato MN. is a permanent, fixed-base operation. They dispense jet fuel and aviation gas to transient and based customers and provide flight maintenance for multi-engine as well as single piston-powered flight. Their aviation shop installs and repairs communication and navigation equipment.

Some Important Currency Cautions for Travelers to Mexico

When planning your financial activities in Mexico, you should take into consideration your estimated time there, your itinerary, and your budget. Huge sums of cash could make you susceptible to criminal activity.

A major international credit or debit card is the most convenient form of money in Mexico. In fact, two cards are better. You can use these to obtain cash from ATMs with ease. Some restaurants and stores, many upper midrange and top-end hotels and most airlines and car rental companies accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. On some occasions, there is a surcharge for paying by card or a discount for paying cash.

One of the most vital details to consider as you get organized to make a trip to Mexico is how you are going to handle your money for different purchases. You may opt to operate either mostly in currency or hope that you might use plastic when it comes to major transactions.

Here are some crucial cautions that can help you handle your currency needs while in Mexico:

Avoid Being Showy

You need to exercise discretion while making cash purchases. Even though it may be necessary for you to get into your billfold to pull out some dollars or pesos to purchase something, allowing those around you to see your currency could be indirectly inviting trouble. It is prudent to make a reasonable mental estimate as you prepare to make a purchase. Ensure that you have the estimated amount out and ready.  Also, avoid keeping huge sums of money in an obvious place.

Use Plastic Prudently

There are some rural communities where you may find that credit cards are not easily used. However, with the current technology, you might find this changing. If you choose to use plastic, you will want to be well informed in regards to your credit card company’s foreign transaction fees and policies. Of course, a small purchase will not justify the use of a credit card. Bigger purchases may best be handled using your credit card. It is advisable to consider referring to the credit card option in case you will be using a debit card. This is to prevent any possible compromise on your PIN.

Issues with ATM Machines

An ATM can be a convenient way to obtain currency. However, there can be some glitches sometimes. You will need to use much caution in case you are dealing with an ATM machine that is not appropriately monitored. In the event of a malfunction and your card being pulled out of sight, you can be seriously inconvenienced. For that matter, a swipe-operated option is the best way to avoid losing your card in a machine. Sliding readers enable you to retain your card while the transaction is completed.

 Obtain Mexican Auto Insurance before You Set Off for Complete Peace of Mind

When you are touring, you benefit a lot from the independence offered by driving yourself around. If you are getting organized to visit Mexico, ensure that you have purchased Mexican car insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore.com before you even think of getting behind the wheel of your automobile.

Even if you have American or Canadian car insurance, it is still imperative that you purchase Mexican auto insurance if you plan to drive your car in Mexico. Mexican authorities will certainly not recognize your existing insurance. It is illegal for foreigners to drive vehicles with foreign registration in Mexico without a valid Mexican auto insurance policy.

The easiest way to get locked up in a Mexican jail is not to have the proper car insurance and be involved in an accident while in Mexico. Lack of a Mexican insurance policy in an accident is a good way to create this problem for yourself. At the very minimum, you will have to obtain liability coverage if you are to comply with Mexican insurance laws.

The following are what your liability coverage will pay for in the event that you cause an accident while in Mexico:

  • Damages you cause to the property of the other party
  • Injuries to the other party as well as his passengers

With the current technology, you can easily get insurance policy quotes online and purchase Mexican car insurance from wherever you are.




Antimicrobial Treatments Enhance Food Processing Plant Safety

There is ongoing research into antimicrobial treatments that are used for their ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms that are found in foods.


Image Credit

Antimicrobial treatments are often added directly to the food product itself in the form of organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid or citric acid. These acids are used to enhance the flavour of certain ingredients in foodstuffs, including poultry, cheese, fermented products or meat. Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are widely used to prevent microbial forms from reproducing in fruit juices.

When combined with both lactic and citric acid, potassium sorbate is thought to prevent the spread of Salmonella, as well as yeast pathogens that affect food production. Antimicrobial treatments are necessary to prevent the spread of organisms that contaminate the food during the production process.

Food Hygiene Standards

Antimicrobial treatments are necessary to sterilise food-processing equipment. So if you were to buy used food machinery, it would be best to follow the guidelines as set out in Food Safety Magazine to prevent any food spoilage from contaminated second-hand machinery.

There is a very useful resource offered by a government website for business owners that outlines safe practices in food hygiene standards. Antimicrobial treatment is necessary to lengthen the shelf-life of the food product, but it must also be used to protect the business owner.

Simple Science

Electrochemically activated water is something simple that is relevant to businesses operating food-processing machinery. The water is produced by blending together salt and purified water in an electrolytic generator. The resulting chemical reaction produces two streams of fluid solution: the first stream of sodium chloride and a second stream of hypochlorous acid. The use of these two agents in combination results in a powerful cleansing and sterilizing fluid that is used in cleaning the type of food processing machinery you would find if you were to buy food machinery from Clarke Fussells.

The beauty of using electrochemically activated water to clean food processing equipment is that it targets microbes and is believed to eradicate viruses altogether. Furthermore, its appeal is that it can be safely used to clean food-processing equipment without the user having to wear protective clothing, thereby lowering costs. It is often considered to be a gentle and green method of sterilising the machinery used in food processing.

How to Find High-Paying Writing Jobs Overnight

It is becoming difficult for real writers to get high paying jobs due to the arrival of immature writers who are ready to write words at the lower cost. The use contemptible software tools and websites to spin words and write thousands of words every day for peanuts. It is not only reducing the credibility of writers globally but also decreasing the reimbursement for the efforts of genuine writers. If you are looking for respectable rates for your writings then you should follow these guidelines;

Stay Out Of Box

It is good to think out of the box but the situation demands that you must live out of the box. You can get the order from those places where your least expected. Join writing jobs related pages and groups on various social media websites and look for people with a good reputation. Lots of people like to hire people through social media due to urgency. You can cash their urgency in your favor. Accept their offer even if they pay low because next time they will pay you high if you give them your 100%.

High Profile Platform

There are several high profile freelancing platforms which offer high rates to the experienced writer who have perfect profiles on these freelancing platforms. It will take you years to build your profile on this platform but you have to give them a try. If you don’t have a profile on websites like www.writerjob.org then create your account right now and start your expedition to success. It will be better to pull some strings to get few orders as it is the best way to get a kick start on any platform.

Try New Platforms

Old and high profile freelancing websites contain thousands of professionals for every skill, therefore, it will hard to get orders on these platforms. You overcome this issue you can create the account on new freelancing websites. There are lots of benefits to doing so. First of all, competition will be low and you will be able to get some orders quickly. Moreover, lots of people try to buy service through new platform because they know that freelancers on new platforms are more motivated and ready to give their 100% at reasonable rates. You can cash this opportunity. Every now and then a new platform comes in the market so you can make accounts on several websites to get bulk orders.

Go For Reputation

While making accounts of the new platform it is important to promote your business on reliable and stable platforms like www.writerjob.org because these freelancing websites provide you a steadfast stage to keep money flowing without any issue. Once you make your reputation on these successful platforms, it will be easy to get high paying orders on a regular basis. The best skill you will need in this whole scenario is the patience. If you lose patience and stop making efforts then it will waste all your hard work and in the end, you will have nothing.


Advance social network applications

In recent times, every individual is busy with lots of commitments in their jobs as well as business related aspects. Yeah, people do not find enough time and share their thoughts over social network. This mimri is the biggest source for busy business start-up people and turn back to their routine works. In this modern era, it is too difficult to share out communication according to client’s expectation. Occasionally, folks make out communications over social network and make interactions. Forthwith, social networks are getting popularized with multiplex leading features and the inter-communication becomes much simple. If people find out new technologies, then they run in that pathway and share pout their views and get latest updates.

Get latest updates

Internet connects people to have global communications and get the upcoming operations. Here, employment people can increase their marketing works and share videos to clients. These kinds of utilization are really preferred among many start up business men. Right now, there are many applications in social network which plays a major role. All the applications may be most helpful and in recent times, business men pay wide attention to get the latest updates instantly. Hurry! Grab the knowledge whatsoever you want and start using those applications. Each looming application will be completely new and all social media users will show interest over it. Right now, to get the latest amend people just sojourn various social media app and grab it. If not technologies, it is really hard to advertise products by each business person.

Importance of social network

People increase up their expectations and there are lots of people who want to look up new applications going to release on may. Nowadays, video sharing is made over a central focus and every online user will know the importance of video sharing in social network. There are considerable applications which will be most favorable at the time of emergency marketing times. When you take focus on social network you can easily share out the complete information and pass it to multiple media users. Right now, every where you will be able to see out different changes coming in today’s technological introductions. This discovers of new video application is welcomed among many youngsters.

Social media platform

There are many social media platform which is for the benefit of mimri users. Though technologies keeps on growing video application is preferred in large way. Right now, there are many options coming up with new applications and communication outstrip among one another. To enhance the business communication prefer this kind of social media platform. Do you really expect new applications? Yeah, all youngsters want new mimri applications and share up video discussion. Nowadays, even for business marketing this is highly preferred all the way. When video application is available then probably it may be quiet easy for all business men. It is the real thing and most people will love such video application and pass out their views. This is the greatest source and all business start up will make communication over this systems.

How a user can spot the facebook account?

There are some users on the facebook account who tries to gets in to others account and read the details, view the friend lists, and see all images and videos. This is not bad but some of them make the wrong use of it. It is very much necessary for a facebook user to keep the account safe and secure from the unwonted peoples. Some people just do this for fun. Even some fraudulently send the friend requests and cheat the other users. One must be careful from all these bad happenings. Everyone must get aware of all such matters so that they can follow the safety measures to prevent them from getting into any wrong things. There are number of people who make the fake accounts on the social sites and do frauds with others and cheat them. To ensure safety and security one must know how to spot the fake accounts on the facebook and also try to keep the distances from such peoples. With the help of spy facebook messages one can easily see that who is using our account, means who all are seeing our profile.

Here are some of the steps that will tell you to keep yourself safe and secure using social media accounts-

  1. Understand the importance of spotting fake accounts- It is very much essential for facebook account user to spot the fake account on facebook. Getting trapped into the fake users, will lead to cause you distress and loss. They may totally disturb your workings and you may fall unnecessary into any kind of trouble. The fake user may become a good friend of yours unknowingly and tries to cheat you. It will also try to steal your identity as well as some valuable information.
  2. Think before accepting any friend requests- When you receive any friend request on the facebook account just think twice, thrice or even more. If you know a person very well and send a request no doubt just accept it at first. In case of new unknown person just check its profile, all details about him and also see the images then finally decide to accept or delete the requests.
  3. Try to read the persons profile thoroughly- While accepting the friend requests it is better that you see the profile of a friend request sender very much carefully. Go through the detail about the person. See the videos and [pictures of the user. If you have nay kind of doubt then just avoid the requests.
  4. Block the profile of the user- If you are irritated from a person, the best thing is to block the profile through the privacy section. After blocking one may not be able to contact you and not able to see your profile at any costs.
  5. Check the friend list- Whenever you get a requests just check the friend lists of the request sender. This is the way to confirm whether the person can be your friend or not.

The above mentioned steps will help you to spot the fake users accounts on the facebook. Keeping safety and security on facebook is very much necessary.