Coolest First Birthday Cake Ideas

The first birthdays are always a big milestone for everyone (the child as well as for the parents). It is immaterial whether you are planning a have a huge celebration with all your family and friends or whether you would go for a smaller intimate gathering, what matters is that you must choose the perfect cake that is going to fit with the theme of the party.

Given below is a selection of some of the most popular first time birthday cake ideas:


The oversized giraffe cake: This can be a very good choice as the giraffe has always fascinated children and also happens to be their favourite animal. This particular variety among the 1st Birthday Cakes has been overwhelmingly popular and is preferred by both small boys and girls. This cake consists of 4 layers. The base is the biggest one while the top most is the smallest one. The entire cake is made of fresh cream and each layer has a different color, thereby giving it a different look altogether.


There can also be smaller giraffes in combination with other animals, thereby turning into the safari themed animal cake. Other combinations could include an adorable monkey and it is definitely fun when animals are paired up.

Transportation Cake: It is a two layered one and this variety is so much fun for the kids, especially as the 1st Birthday Cakes for Boys. Even adults prefer this they too, order the same for themselves. The major attractions are the brightly coloured cars against a bright blue tier with cloud designs. This can be delivered in various colour schemes as per individual needs.


French Themed: This variety of cakes adds a girly or a feminine touch to the celebrations. Two of these cakes are incorporated to form poodle. There is also the silver Eiffel tower standing tall at the top that further enhances the overall look of the cake.


Leopard Print Cake: The animal print can be done in a range of different colours and styles. This funky leopard look with the hot pink combination makes it very attractive.


Fondant covered cupcakes depicting various animals are placed besides the bigger one. This is indeed something interesting and innovative.


5 Tips for Choosing the Right

Outdoor Misting System for Your Business

A misting system is a powerful and yet environmentally friendly cooling method. It lowers the ambient temperature of an outdoor area that it is applied to by driving through the air a mist of water atomized so fine, it quickly evaporates and absorbs heat. Misters are a cost-effective way to cool and humidify large outdoor areas, and can be ideal for applications such as pet play areas, gardens, sporting grounds, greenhouses, patios, swimming pools, courtyards, atriums and outdoor dining areas. In regions close to deserts such as in California or Arizona, the use of these systems comes with the additional benefit of dust control.

Misters come in a variety of designs for different applications. According to Aqua Science outdoor misting system experts in Phoenix, AZ, past a certain quality and price level, different price points tend to be about suitability for specific applications. It’s important to understand the feature set offered on a model before a buying decision gets made.

Look for noise level specifications

You mustn’t simply trust in brochure blurbs that promise “very quiet performance.” You need specific figures. It is a good idea in many business applications to test systems out to experience the amount of noise generated.

Look for droplet size

If a system is advertised as capable of 50 µm droplets, it might seem fine enough. In reality, a 50 µm droplet size is considered large. A mist of such droplets could wet surfaces nearby. It may be appropriate for a greenhouse, but perhaps not an outdoor dining area. As with noise level, it’s important to experience a droplet size level before buying.

In general, droplet size is roughly aligned with the kind of pressure level that a system is capable of. Low-pressure systems (100 psi) create large droplets, and systems that offer pressure levels between 500 psi and 1,200 psi are medium- to high-pressure levels. If the application that you have in mind requires low noise levels, you will need to invest in a medium pressure system. High-pressure systems tend to produce obtrusive noise levels.

Think about the cooling levels achievable

Any well-designed and tested system should come with estimates of the kind of cooling effect possible. A great deal depends on the ambient temperature and humidity in the area where the system will be installed. The more humid an environment, the less readily a mist will evaporate to absorb heat from the environment, and the less effective the cooling achievable will be. In arid regions such as Arizona, temperature drops tend to be as substantial as 30°F. In more humid environments, you will need systems capable of very fine misting for effective cooling.

Pay attention to portability

The lines that supply water to a misting system need to take hundreds of pounds of pressure, and come manufactured in flexible plastic or rigid metal. While plastic tends to be less durable, it makes for a portable system. Portability may be important in certain applications.

Ask about the level of water use

With the drought conditions seen across the country, any appliance that uses water needs to be for judged on water conservation ability. In general, the highest pressure systems use the most water, but also produce the greatest cooling effect for a given amount of water. it’s important to determine if your business has access to the kind of water needed.

Outdoor misting systems may be conceptually simple, but do involve complex considerations in practice. It’s important to work with a business that offers to create customized solutions for its clients.

How to keep your carpets cleaned

We all love how great the expensive, soft and plush carpets and rugs make the floors of your house and your living room look. Not only just the look, the feeling that you get when you walk on these lush and soft carpets is so amazing that you want all the floors of your house to be covered with rugs or carpets. The problem, however, arises when you just can’t seem to keep these carpets clean from dust and other stains. Whenever you have a party at your house, you not only have the gruesome task to clean up all the dishes, you also have the extra work and that is getting rid of the drink and food stain from your rugs and carpets. So, how do you go about the task of cleaning your carpets that take less time and effort? Here are some tips:


  1. The best tip that exists as far as keeping your carpets and you rugs cleaned is to avoid any kind of spillage on it. Prevention is the best tip here. Try not to eat or drink sitting right on your carpet.
  2. You can regularly vacuum your carpets and your sofas so that dust can get out of them regularly. If you have your doors and windows open more often than not than invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and regularly vacuum your sofas and carpets.
  3. Spillage is something that although can be prevented, but cannot be avoided permanently! So, you have to be quick at cleaning and keep blotting papers at hand. Whenever there is a spill, try to clean it as soon as possible.
  4. The best thing you can do is get help from the Whitby Carpet cleaning. Just visit their website: and get the perfect solution to your carpet cleaning issue.

Best 15 Books for Writing Skills Improvement

Writing can be difficult even for the experienced writers since in most cases it requires creativity. It doesn’t matter if you are creating content for the website or working at dissertation writing service, you may be a victim of inspiration absence.

Thankfully, there are a lot of resources which will help bypass writing difficulties  and improve your writing skills. Here are the best 15 books for writing improvement must-read:

images (24)

  1. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

This book is different from others since it is focused on creativity, rather than grammar. It is the option for anyone who has good grammar skills, but a lack of creativity. It will help both academic writers from dissertation writing service and journalists.

  1. Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

This is a dynamic funny book on grammar and spelling mistakes which will help you to get rid of them.

  1. The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need

This book is focused on grammar skills improvement. It contains all the information you need to know about quality writing.

  1. The Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition)

This is the 16th edition of well-trusted updated guide which helps you to develop your writing style.

  1. 2015 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published

This book is for the ones who are not only want to improve writing skills but also to get paid for writing. It includes samples and templates of letters and outlines you should send to publishers.

  1. Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity

This book for creativity focused writers. It contains different tips and tricks to improve writing.

  1. The Elements of Style (4th Edition)

This book is focused on the conversational style development and provides tricks how to make plain writing powerful and engaging.

  1. They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (3rd Edition)

This book is written for academic writers who need to provide persuasive arguments. However, it is useful to read for other writers.

  1. The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writers Guide to Character Expression

This piece of content is helpful for the writers who want to pass emotions and attitudes to the reader.

  1. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

Here author shares insights of grammar, creativity and style and focuses on writing improvement.

  1. The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws

This book is focused on the emotional impact on the reader in a different type of literature.

  1. The Positive Trait Thesaurus: A Writers Guide to Character Attributes

This book is opposite to the previous one and it is focused on the creation of fictional character, or focus on your own story-telling.

  1. Mistakes Authors Make: Essential Steps for Achieving Success as an Author

This book is useful to everyone who is connected with writing, it includes explanations of common errors in writing and publishing people make.

  1. Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

This book is focused on the effectiveness of writing and includes 50 writing strategies.

  1. Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (2nd Edition)

Here you will find a well-researched advice for becoming a more powerful writer.

Effective Communication and Business Success

Effective communication is an essential part for an organization, regardless of its size, to be successful in its business operation. However, all communication should be persuasive; otherwise it can bring misunderstanding, challenges to its success, and eventually turns into unproductive chats. As per version of Marc Slavin a thriving communication strategist that communication should be purposeful and it must be focused on certain objective, or results. The method of communication also varies widely based on the relationship or hierarchy in an organization. Thus, with objective based, persuasive communication enterprises can leverage effectual communication strategies that help generate great results in its overall development. What kind of communications work effectively?

Open Communication

In an open and free communication atmosphere all associates of the workplace freely share ideas, opinion, and feedback and also make criticism in the same manner at every level. Leaders committed to an open communication accommodate an environment of reliance, confidence and trust that builds the basis toward success.

Inclusive Communication

An inclusive or all-encompassing communication strategy leads an environment with unequivocal steps expecting employees should feel them involved in all decisions that may concern their day-to-day activities. It is on the other hand, organizations with reserved communication ambiance exclude departments and people which may suppress involvement and may lead to loss of ideas and opportunities. As there is a need of privacy or confidentiality, involvement of employees is also important and a key factor for employee satisfaction as well as success.

Related Communication

Communication must not be one-way type. Either it should follow the method of top-down otherwise the bottom-up. Services of Marc Slavin is extremely demanding today in major corporate houses irrespective of public or private enterprise where he educates management and employees about the best ways of effective communication techniques that help meet success. Effective communication demands involvement of two-way result based communication between its members.  The management that welcomes its employees in discussion making and where they can share their ideas, perspective on various issues like products, packaging, services and anything related to its advancement eventually develops a great culture of attachment or inclusiveness that generates results.

Results-Driven Communication

Business communication ought to be result-driven and specific objective based. It must be focused on attainment of computable results. It’s significant for organization to lead their employees in such a way that enables them understand the ‘end-result’ of their job activities, no matter, whether they are working in-house or in the market. Effective and persuasive communication can only yield productivity.

Marc Slavin is an expert communications strategist who wonderfully blends both psychological and philosophical approaches to generate communication strategic plans. He is an esteemed alumnus of the famous California Institute of Integral Studies. He counsels different public and private sector enterprises in San Francisco Bay Area concerning organizational progression, ways of effective internal communications, and in developing oratory skills. He has been serving the industry of being an outstanding communication strategist for more than two decades. Those who are interested to know more about best communication practices and techniques can reach him through all social media sites.

VoIP Government Phone Systems

Collaboration between Government and People of a society

Digitalization, instant connectivity and collaboration have made our life much easier. Civilization has reached a peak of which we had never dreamed. Most of the civilized societies are democratic and a well elected Government is the functional back bone of any democratic society. It the duty and responsibly of any government to make a democratic society works with law and order, safety of its people, providing education and basic life facilities like transportation, employment, health care benefits.

Government has to be well connected and collaborated with its people to understand the need of hour, to put some new law and order or any other facilities for the people. It is impossible for the government officials to connect to each and every individuals of the society. Only way to connect to government is through government offices and forums. Just imagine the crowd daily visiting different government offices like employment exchange, public works department, land and real estate, police station, government hospitals to seek some help or information. With very limited number of government officials, it is extremely difficult for them to handle such a huge number of people seeking for some information. As a result, services are getting delayed. Take example of government provident fund office. Hundreds of people daily visiting that office seeking information regarding their pension and the outcome gets delayed due to huge number of people who tries to connect to government face to face. It is very much difficult now days for government to handle such a huge no of queries.

Effective ways to Interact

  1. Websites, Portals or Forums:

The need of the hour is some fast and easy mechanisms using which people and government can be well connected without any need of physical interaction. One way to achieve it is via website, portals or some kind of forums. Individuals can post or put there queries and concerns on the websites, portals forums which are handled or managed by government officials. In response to the queries posted, government officials can provide the necessary details or information. It helps in time saving and increases the efficiency of any government. No need to visit the offices and create huge crowd there. Face to face visiting should be kept limited where it is mandatory to provide physical identification of any individuals.

  1. Emailing:
  2. Emailing is the back bone of customer support and care. Whether be it any private organization or government owned enterprise or government department, people can easily connect to the higher authority using emails. Every organization uses emailing facility in today’s era. People can send mails to the respective officials with their queries and can get a response back from the officials. It’s an effective way of communication and private also. It’s fast and much secured than portals and forums.
  3. Telephonic Systems:

Telephonic systems are very crucial. It provides real time communication between the officials and the individuals. People can call to the telephone numbers of the offices directly and have their queries sorted out quickly and promptly. Call centers are very efficient in handing huge calls from different peoples across the geography. Telephonic systems works on the principle of traditional radio frequency. Users have to subscribe to any telephone connection service provider to avail the facility of telephone or mobile phone. Mobile phones are increasing now a day due to well suitability with current needs. Mobile phones are no more just phones. User can access internet from mobiles so the demand is ever increasing.

Problems with the conventional telephonic systems are that the user has to be dependent totally on the service providers and the cost of usage is comparatively on the higher side. Instead, if government phone systems are moved from the conventional type to VoIP type, then it will be a path breaking step. Basically the principle behind the VoIP is to transmit the voice calls over the Internet instead of using radio frequency. Every government offices, now a day, has internet connectivity. All needed is a VoIP enabled device to connect. It reduces the operational costs very much. No need to provide separate service provider charges for conventional telephonic systems. It can be routed to any call centre to answer it or can be put on automatic answering mode to divert the call to appropriate department or to filter out the unwanted spam calls. Using VoIP, officials can do conference meeting and calls to discuss on any problems or issues. VoIP connections are secure and established channels since it’s connected to private LAN. Tapping or jamming these phones is much difficult in comparison to the conventional radio frequency based telephonic systems. Inter office calls can be easily done using VoIP without any overhead of installing any intercom or telephonic connections.


Finally if the government and people are well collaborated and connected then it’s beneficial for the people to enjoy the fruits of well elected government. Government has to adopt any of the above said modes of communication to serve people in better way and it will be beneficial of the government and its officials. It will reduce the overhead of the officials to handle individual seeking information or having queries.

The best way to save money while shopping online

It is amazing the quantity of individuals who choose to pay more cash for something they are acquiring online when all it takes is an additional five minutes to locate a superior arrangement. When you shop online and experience the registration procedure, odds are you’ve seen a crate that says “coupon code” amid the procedure. On the off chance that you don’t have a coupon code, you likely ignore it and proceed with your registration. What a great many people neglect to acknowledge is that “coupon code” box is very important, “You can most likely buy the things in your cart for less.” Any site which acknowledges coupon codes is stating that there are funds to be had in case you’re willing to spend a couple of minutes finding the code.

In case you ever see the “plus code promo” or “promo code” field upon registration, odds are you unearthed an approach to spare cash on your buy. What you need to do is open up another window and check for the store’s name in addition to coupon or promo code. For instance, you were shopping at Macy’s, you would hunt down “Macy’s coupon code” or “Macy’s promo code” to see what arrangements is accessible. You may likewise need to include the year and month if the outcomes you get are old. For instance, “Macy’s coupon code March 2015” may raise better results.

While utilizing a web crawler will regularly get you a code, there are times when the outcomes that return aren’t useful. Another approach to do this is to go specifically to a site that offers coupon codes. For instance you could go to Groupon coupons and inquiry the store you’re shopping at there. You would then get a page posting all the coupon codes which are accessible at the time you are making your buy, and you can guarantee the one which will spare you the most cash on your buy.

When you understand the amount of cash you can spare after some time by reliably utilizing coupon codes, you will get into the propensity for finding the codes even before you start shopping. Rather than experiencing the registration procedure where you will be reminded there may be a coupon code, you’ll start your shopping by heading off to a site which offers the codes and start the shopping background there. Stepping of making a point to inquiry and use coupon codes when accessible for all you’re internet shopping could put several dollars again into your pocket throughout a year.

When you begin sparing cash by couponing, you’ll be snared – and you’ll be that much wealthier, as well! The vast majority will say “Coupons are an exercise in futility! What’s the utilization in sparing 40 pennies? They’re a lot of a hassle.”That may have been genuine a couple of years back, yet not any longer. Coupons are truly awesome instruments for sparing cash while shopping with no bother. There is never any damage in having a couple bucks to save in the wake of obtaining all you require, so you have to start using coupons.

The Know Who Before Finalizing Between the Financial and Investment Advisor

According to a recent survey performed in the money market, it has been seen that in most of the cases of financial loss found in the market, the key reason behind is the appointment of the wrong person for the planning. Most of the people are not aware of the differences between a financial advisor and a registered investment advisor. There are several differences between the both, and it is important for an individual to know them thoroughly before entrusting their hard earned money in the hand of either of the advisors. In order to help them figure out the difference, let’s sum up the key differences between these two make things easier.

A financial advisor like Joel Meshel generally buys and sells securities on behalf of his clients, and he may make an efficient retirement planning, set up the IRA files, or any other type of pension programs for any corporation. The can even offer various financial products like stocks, bonds, mutual fund policies so that their clients can lead a financially peaceful life in the later stages. In order to bring in efficiency in what they do, they generally acquire a detailed knowledge in financing, accounting and a profound understanding of how exactly the market works. The financial industry is the most dynamic of all, and in order to keep updated with the changing policies every other day, they need to stick to it like a worm. Other than these, some few responsibilities of a financial advisor are:

  • Instructing the clients with the multiple opportunities that they have in the investment market.
  • Assessing the risks in various investment options and mitigating them effectively.
  • Helping the clients to cope up with the losses that they’ve faced in an investment.

They can keep adding their education in order to help their clients get better returns of their investments. They even charge fees for managing the financial portfolio as well.

An investment advisor, on the other hand has also got multiple responsibilities as the financial advisor, but there’s a striking difference in between these both which might mean a lot to the potential clients who’re looking for some financial investment. The difference lies in the term fiduciary. Investment advisors are registered and governed by the state Act, and stand at a higher position than the financial advisors. While some of the financial advisors might simply be pushing their clients to sell the financial products in order to earn some commissions, the investment advisors need not do so. They do not depend on the financial products that their clients need to buy, and in order to avoid any kind of conflict of interest, they charge a flat fee which is applicable for all.

When it comes to taking the decision regarding protecting your wealth and the financial future that you hold ahead, the first and most important step is to know who you’re dealing with. Expert financial advisors like Joel Meshel and the like have been in the industry for decades, and know what could be the potential bends and turns that the market might take. Handing them with the financial responsibilities means putting the hard earned money in the safest hands.

When is it Necessary to Seek Help for Sex Addiction?

Affecting millions of people worldwide, sex addiction is a psychological ailment that can turn a person’s world upside down. Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of sex addiction sufferers never seek help for their problem. For many sex addicts, undergoing treatment entails acknowledging they have a problem – which is often something they’re not prepared to do. Alternatively, some addicts are simply too ashamed to seek out proper treatment. However, one of the biggest impediments to sex addicts getting the help they need is ignorance – i.e., a large number of sex addiction sufferers don’t view themselves as such. With that in mind, if you or someone you care about has recently displayed any of the following signs, get in touch with an experienced sex addiction counselor on the double.


Serial Cheating

While generally frowned upon, cheating by itself isn’t necessarily an indicator of sex addiction. There are many reasons for which people are unfaithful to their partners – boredom, unhappiness and sexual frustration chief among them. However, when cheating becomes rampant and uncontrollable, there’s a good chance sex addiction is at play. Most sex addicts seek instant gratification, and if they can’t get that with a single partner, they’ll often turn to anyone who’s willing. Of course, if they’re already married or in a committed relationship, this constitutes cheating. If you or your partner has been habitually unfaithful, it may be in your best interest to enlist the aid of a certified sex addiction therapist.

Pornography Obsession

Although certain people view any degree of pornography consumption as a sign of sex addiction, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Watching pornographic films and looking at erotic imagery plays an integral role in many people’s sex lives. It’s when a healthy interest in pornography turns into a full-blown obsession that people should start worrying. If you or your partner has started forgoing real-life sexual experiences in favor of consuming pornography or spending untold sums of money on pornographic materials, you may be suffering from a form of sex addiction – and the longer you allow this problem to go untreated, the harder it will ultimately be to overcome.

Neglecting Daily Obligations

Prioritizing sexual gratification above all else is among the most surefire signs of sex addiction. Although some sex addicts are able to go about their daily lives in a relatively normal fashion, others devote nearly every waking minute to their addiction. Blowing off work, neglecting family responsibilities and even shrugging off basic grooming in favor of seeking out sexual conquests are clear signs that sex has become the most important thing in a person’s life.

Sex addicts come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases, a person’s sex addiction won’t even be apparent to the people around him or her. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t struggling with a serious problem behind closed doors. Serial cheating, an obsession with pornographic materials and prioritizing sex above all else are telltale indicators that sex addiction is at work – none of which should be ignored.

Remarkable Guest Blogging Strategies To Take Your Blog To A New Level

Guest blogging is causing a wild revolution. The concept that guest gets exposure and host gets high quality content for free makes perfect sense.

Make use of Marccx Media guest posting services to enhance referral traffic, get added exposure, enhance your SEO, and attain credibility. Some remarkable guests posting strategies that have been put into practice successfully by top bloggers are given below.

Multiple objectives

While writing guest post, majority of bloggers focus on generating links, or traffic or attention, which is their first big mistake. They forget that a good post will certainly get these benefits, so it becomes necessary to maximize overall effectiveness.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the different metrics like traffic, backlinks, subscribers, credibility, and social shares. In another column, add everything done to promote the post.

Prioritize your metric, which is more worthy to you. Is it a link, subscriber, or visitor? After collecting data, decide which combination of blog, host, topic, and promotion generates highest overall return.

Guest posting blitzkrieg

If you desire to turn into a celebrity, then go on guest posting blitz. For this, you will need to,

  • Create a list of 25 to 30 top blogs related to your niche
  • Look through each and every blog to create relevant topics, but make sure that the selected ideas are not covered. They need to be new to the host bloggers readers
  • Send email pitches starting with personal intro and even mention their blog content. Conclude with request to publish guest post and propose the topics you developed. Remember to include links to some of your past works
  • As soon as your pitch gets approved start researching and write great posts consistently. Impress your host and his/her audience providing valuable posts

Join A-list conversation

All the bloggers in your created list are related to your niche. You have already researched their blogs for guest posts. You can refer their work using the link in your guest post. After your post gets published, send an email rapidly to each blog owner you referred.

If your first post was successful, then chances that you will get invitation from them to write on related topic increases. Thus, you get leverage from your posts to get access to very prestigious blogs.

A-list blogs are valuable

Potential returns of guest posting on A-list blogs are absolutely astonishing. Write a simple post that is mind blowing and appeals to all audiences. With just a single amazing post published on A-list, blog is more efficient than posting hundreds of guest posts on small websites.

Engage guest posting services

Employing guest posting services enables you to associate with top bloggers and great publishing sites relevant to your targeted audience and niche.

For example, has a pool of experienced writers that create engaging guest posts. Guest post service providers operate with an aim to build organic links that enhance rankings, referral traffic, social interaction and brand awareness.

Guest blogging is a incredible opportunity to tap well established blogger’s huge audience into your target market.