A new heroin treatment has been tested successfully in medical trials

Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Camarus AB recently announced that its ongoing trial of injectable opioid dependence treatments has been a success. This therapy could be used to help address the growing problem of opioid dependency in the US.


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Over 400 patients took part in the study, the intention of which was to investigate and assess the impact of an injectable buprenorphine formulation on individuals with a reliance on opioids, with the results revealing that the injection performs better than current formulations. The Wall Street Journal highlights the importance of the recent trial results, pointing out that nearly 50,000 people died in 2014 as a result of the opioid epidemic; in addition, 650,000 US citizens used buprenorphine for opioid addictions in the same year.

Successful trial

The CEO of Braeburn, Behshad Sheldon, announced that the company was pleased with the trial results and that the products represented a new and effective solution for affected patients and their doctors. He went on to highlight the growing problem of opioid addiction, stating that 2.6 million patients are currently known to be affected. The new treatment can be prescribed in either a weekly or monthly formulation and is available in a variety of dosages to suit differing patient needs.

An added complication in successfully treating patients addicted to opioids is that the individual’s needs tend to evolve over time. Patients initially require tailored treatment, then need to be stabilised, and finally move on to the long-term maintenance part of the treatment programme.

Results to be unveiled in 2017

The companies involved in the trial expect to submit the treatment for approval by regulators sometime around the middle of 2017. Companies and agencies that provide clinical trial services uphold strict standards to ensure the accuracy of results and safety of patients at all points of the trial. Once clinical trial services are complete and a trial has been found to have been a success, the next step is obtaining official approval from government and regulatory bodies before the drug or treatment can be made available to the general public and medical profession.

Sheldon announced that the company believed its CAM2038 treatments, along with previously approved products, could revolutionise opioid addiction treatments for patients and doctors. Researchers working on the trial found that adverse events were limited.

How to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees

Airlines have been squeezing passengers for years now.  To cut costs and increase corporate profits they have been taking away leg room and squeezing more passengers per plane. They also have been adding fees to their fares from everything from change fees to checked luggage fees. If you are smart, however, you can mostly avoid paying baggage fees.  Here are a few ways.

If you are a frequent traveler you should join the rewards programs for the airlines you fly.  If you stick with the same airline when possible, such as Delta, your travel increases your status. Frequent flyer status programs have many perks, such as upgrades and membership to airline club rooms and free checked bags. If you must check bags, this could save you $50-100 per trip.

Get an airline credit card. Each of the major airlines has its own credit card from Visa, Mastercard or Amex. They let you earn airline miles for your purchases and will give you free checked bags.

You could also just not check baggage by simply using a carry-on.  The bags must fall within the size requirements to fit in an overhead rack. The 3 best types to use are backpacks, duffle bags and roll-aboard bags. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Backpacks make good carry-ons because they have individual compartments that can sort your clothing, toiletries and electronics. Many have a built in laptop compartment, which makes it easy to take it out quickly at the TSA screening. However, they don’t hold as much clothing as some other bags.

Duffle bags have the greatest internal volume for a carryon. They also can compress a bit if you have to fly in a plane with a smaller than average overhead bin, such as a CRJ200, 700 or 900 model plane, often used by regional airlines.

Hard sided roll-aboard bags are usually designed to fit the airline rules and size limits. They offer some protection against the crushing of electronics and valuables within your bags. You can find a nice selection of high end roller bags at Lord and Taylor. These however will not compress, which may keep them from fitting in some overhead bins.

Whichever type of bag you use, you can always “Gate Check” your bag. As long as your bag is not oversized, just take it to the gate with you. Before you board, the gate agents will always ask if there are volunteers to gate check bags to your final destination. They will take your bag, give you a tag and you leave it at the bottom of the gangway. An attendant will put it under the plane, straight away. If you just have one leg on your flight, your bag will be waiting for you on the gangway, right when you get off the plane. There is no need to go to baggage claim.