What Is the Sales Force Automation? 5 Benefits for Your Business

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an irreplaceable component if you really appreciate your customer. Businesses that do not realize the importance of sales automation will find it hard-pressing to meet the high standards of customer service. At the same time, companies who understand the value of a satisfied client will flourish and conquer hew heights. It makes no wonder that managing sales processes in smaller companies will be much easier…

May 4, 2016

5 Surprising Illegal Trades

We all know about stock fraud, investor schemes, and drug trades – all of which are clearly illegal. The drug trade alone rakes in more than $600 billion every year, equal to about 70 percent of revenue hailing from world-wide criminal organizations. Stock fraud and investment schemes also rake in billions every year. Keep this Paul’s info handy at the Thomas Law Group These are all high profile areas of…

April 29, 2016

The Elaborate Concept of Graphic Design

Graphic design, which is also termed as communication design, is the practice and art of projecting and planning experiences and ideas with textual and visual content. This type of the communication can be virtual or physical, and may include words, images and graphic forms. The experience and work can take place in various time periods, sometimes in very short time or maybe a long period of time. It can also…

April 26, 2016

Top Reasons Or Impetus For Bankruptcy Filing

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April 12, 2016

Current economic conditions are affecting people badly. According to United States bankruptcy court statistics, 1.5 million bankruptcy cases are filed every year. It must be noted that nearly 97% are personal bankruptcy and not business related. Top reasons for filing bankruptcy Medical expenses People with significant medical crisis, where medical bills got unmanageable and to handle this situation they were compelled to file a bankruptcy. According to Harvard University medical…


Revealed: 42% of Brits lie about how charitable they are

New research from a UK voucher code website has revealed that 42% of Britons have lied about how charitable they are in order to look better in front of their peers. Exaggerating how much they donated or how much money they raised for a charity event was revealed as the most common lie told. Furthermore 67% stated they wouldn’t hesitate to lie again. A new study from a voucher code…

April 6, 2016

Additional Benefits of Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore

March 28, 2016

Most of the times, kids or even teenagers do not think about any financial issues at their age. They have their parents or guardians supporting them financially and that’s that. There are many students who enter their late teens or early teens and prefer working part time jobs in any place. This is so that they can add additional money in their monthly allowance etc. Many students work as a…


UK IFAs risk losing out to tech-led Americans

The British IFA industry has already had its challenges in recent years thanks to the requirements for transparent pricing and clarity over tied and non-tied products for customers, and it now appears that there is a fresh challenge ahead when it comes to technology. Image Credit Independent Financial Advice has always relied on the latest available technologies of the day – most recently to access the best and most appropriate…

March 23, 2016

The Business Tycoon Michael Ashley Is On the Go

In the recent years, the business tycoon Michael Ashley has successfully positioned him as the 318th rank holder among the global billionaires list. Also, internationally known as Mike Ashley, Michael, the British business personality ranks him as the 10th Billionaires in the UK and the net worth of his business empire stands to more than $3.6 billion. Michael’s major business areas include one of the globally largest sportswear retail chains…

March 19, 2016

Exploring Electronic Dance Music with David Neil

Music is the food of life, the saying goes, and it is not totally untrue. Nature has music embedded in it and music has millions of people around the world connecting without words too. While music has diversified and evolved a lot in every tradition and culture and in every region across the world, modern music is also making great leap in this regard. While music is changing, can the…

March 19, 2016

Donald Trump Almost Facing Criminal Charges for Rally Punch Episode

March 17, 2016

An African American protester has been recently hit in the face at a Donald Trump Rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The irony of the entire situation is that the man who has been hit was actually handcuffed by security personnel and the escorted out. Seemingly, the US candidate for the Presidential nomination actually encourages this type of behavior. Through the prism of the upcoming elections 2016, this episode does not…