What Is the Sales Force Automation? 5 Benefits for Your Business

bpmonline sales force automation system

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an irreplaceable component if you really appreciate your customer. Businesses that do not realize the importance of sales automation will find it hard-pressing to meet the high standards of customer service. At the same time, companies who understand the value of a satisfied client will flourish and conquer hew heights. It makes no wonder that managing sales processes in smaller companies will be much easier than in bigger enterprises. However, as your organization grows, new challenges arise. Your sales team will have to grow and add responsibilities without losing the quality of customer service. Understandably, such multi-tasking can lead to the fact that certain duties will not be served. Technological progress has provided a solution in this seemingly dead-end situation: sales force automation transforms businesses of any scale and unlocks a new level of efficiency for your sales representatives. Considering the way we use information nowadays, it would be wrong to ignore the opportunity of understanding your clients a little better. Implementation of the sales force automation system will adjust your business processes and positively affects your revenue. But how exactly can sales force automation benefits your business?

SFA makes all of your salespeople equally effective

Effective time-management is essential in every business and if you want to make the sales cycle shorter, you would have to equip your sales representatives with the necessary automation tools. Sales force automation CRM enables your salespeople to recognize potential customers at the earliest stages of the sales pipeline and keep their focus on the most profitable clients. Moreover, your sales managers have the ability to utilize the best guidelines for productive customer journey. Any sales strategy can be customized in accordance to your business goals. Rearrange the layout of the entire SFA application to get access to the data you need most. Individual personalization option will give your sales staff the ability to adjust the interface of the software in the way that will work for them best.

SFA turns individual sales managers into a team

Communication is the heart of any business. Connect your sales representatives in a single workspace they can use to communicate with each another and work as a result-oriented team. Management can also benefit from efficient sales collaboration tools in bpm’online, as they can inform the entirety of your sales team through various communication channel and useful notification will never be missed. No matter where your sales representatives are physically situated, you can contact with them to organize upcoming tasks, arrange meetings and schedule important events. In addition, sales collaboration results in synchronized timetable of your team for productive time-management.

SFA uses analytics to improve your performance

One of the things that make sales force automation tool priceless is the ability to forecast future sales. Analytics is equally important as business process automation, document flow automation or contact management. SFA software applies various indicators to scan through all of the customer’s previous interactions, current sales trends and, based on the available data, gives out sensible predictions of what might come next. Such advanced approach will give your sales managers the opportunity to see the bigger picture of the sales activities and plan their sales accordingly. The management can also benefit from an in-depth analysis as they can see the strong points of their sales strategies and weak points that should be improved.

SFA makes your salespeople focus on sales

Obviously, if you really want your team to concentrate on the sales pipeline, you do not want them to be distracted by anything except the customer. Liberate your sales representatives from unnecessary and time-consuming document management and let SFA tools do all the heavy lifting. Automation of the document flow will definitely make the lives of the sales reps much easier. Suitable sales force automation system allows creating of new documents with preset templates and enriching these documents with information from the database. Moreover, you can keep track of the documents in the system and link them with existing clients, orders or opportunities.

SFA makes your sales team mobile

Your sales managers do not have to be glued to the office to work effectively with their leads. Mobile applications for sales force automation tools enable your sales team to communicate with potential clients and existing customers on the go. Sales people can text and call directly from the app. Taking into account how often sales representatives have meetings and how precious every second of their time is, the necessity to  add the mobile app to the SFA system has never been more obvious. Sales reps can monitor every client and every deal to adjust their tactics in order to get the deal closed. In addition, they can schedule future events and meetings remotely. Essentially, mobile application is extremely important to your sales department because it saves time and gives your sales team the ability to multi-task on a completely new level.

5 Surprising Illegal Trades

We all know about stock fraud, investor schemes, and drug trades – all of which are clearly illegal. The drug trade alone rakes in more than $600 billion every year, equal to about 70 percent of revenue hailing from world-wide criminal organizations. Stock fraud and investment schemes also rake in billions every year. Keep this Paul’s info handy at the Thomas Law Group

These are all high profile areas of criminality that are pretty obvious to everyone. However, there are many illegal trades that don’t get as much attention in the public eye, perhaps because not many people are even aware they are illegal or that they are happening at all. Let’s take a look at five surprisingly illegal trades that garner millions or even billions of dollars a year.

  1. As the most heavily poached in the world, primates such as chimps and orangutans are killed to be eaten, used in lab experiments, sold as pets and exploited within the entertainment industry. Many are shipped to the United States for experimentation, which is legal here, but many thousands more are used for illegal activities, with more than 20,000 apes being poached since 2005, resulting in just 25 arrests, according to a United Nations report.
  2. Timber: Illegal logging continues to be a worldwide problem particularly in Brazil and Peru where a whopping 80 percent of the industry is illegal in nature. Worldwide, illegal logging takes up about 30 percent of the industry, netting fraudsters up to $15 billion each year.
  3. Python skins. The demand for python skins is on the rise as these snakes are on their way to extinction. The illegal snake skin trade brings in about a billion dollars each year just to make some pretty snakeskin handbags and shoes. You can even purchase illegal snake skins in this country, particularly in California at trendy boutiques. The owners either don’t know or don’t care that snake skins are an illegal industry.
  4. Fish eggs are a delicacy known around the world, usually only eaten by the rich because of the high price tag. A global ban was placed on the industry back in the 2000s but this has hardly slowed the poaching of sturgeon, which are facing extinction.
  5. Also known as sea snails, abalone is a delicacy in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Asia and France. It’s a staple to the South African continent, but the numbers are dwindling due to illegal harvesting, dropping from 615 tons in 1995 to 75 tons in 2008.

It’s interesting to note the many ways in which poachers, illegal harvesters and fraudsters choose to make their money. It’s not just strictly about dollar bills – illegal trades and fraud take many forms.


The Elaborate Concept of Graphic Design

Graphic design, which is also termed as communication design, is the practice and art of projecting and planning experiences and ideas with textual and visual content. This type of the communication can be virtual or physical, and may include words, images and graphic forms. The experience and work can take place in various time periods, sometimes in very short time or maybe a long period of time. It can also be for any use and purpose, whether commercial, educational, political or cultural.

Many graphic designers like Anthony Coutsoukes also produce ways and systems that are not confined to the creating of objects only but which are also meant to be experienced over time. He promises to make it convenient in the making and creation of the designs for the users which prove his genuine commitment for the latest designs and technologies. He has a desire to customize and make things that people have not seen before, and then share these unique designs and ideas with them. Careful observations lead to thinking about something that doesn’t exist in the world yet would appear like, and the only way to understand and know what it would be like, is to build or make it. This patience and curiosity is at the core of this designer which does not always make sense to other people.

While each symbol or sign in a private or public building is a work of an art or design, they’re all part of a larger system within the apartment. The delicate work and design of the system and the link connecting all of those systems is where the graphic designer brings importance and value. Likewise, while all of the artefacts of an institutional or commercial brand, such as a sign, logo, business card or an advertisement are individual skills and expressions of design, how those are combined together and over a period of time is the designer’s work. No system or part of it has been designed without taking into count of the others, or without considering how a customer will encounter the part and then develop a cordial relationship with that particular brand.

Anthony Coutsoukes also takes the responsibility for various interactive designs where the content is changing from time to time and is fluid, as well as graphic interfaces that help customers and users navigate through complex technological and digital experiences. This work completes its procedure by incorporating another important element and that is acting according to the responses and actions of the viewer. Editorial designs for mobile and web is the most common example of content driven work in this sphere, including mobile applications, publication websites, and blogs.

Some other design involves the presentation of the information of streaming which is also known as visualization of data. Anthony Coutsoukes also works on various digital products that are digital platforms or services and can be brought to market and sold. He is designing many new, creative innovative programs that give users a voice and actively engage the young generation in dialogues about the significant issues in the fields of technology and design.

Top Reasons Or Impetus For Bankruptcy Filing

Current economic conditions are affecting people badly. According to United States bankruptcy court statistics, 1.5 million bankruptcy cases are filed every year. It must be noted that nearly 97% are personal bankruptcy and not business related.

Top reasons for filing bankruptcy

  • Medical expenses

People with significant medical crisis, where medical bills got unmanageable and to handle this situation they were compelled to file a bankruptcy. According to Harvard University medical expenses are liable for 62% personal bankruptcies filing in US.

An interesting fact the study shows that 72% of bankruptcies filed due to medical crisis had some kind of health insurance.

  • Reduced income

Current financial crisis are compelling companies to cut down their expenses. For many employees, it can result in salary cuts or reduction in bonuses. Not having emergency funds can worsen your condition and using credit cards for paying bills can be devastating.

  • Unemployment or job loss

Dealing with joblessness is very difficult. Nowadays, people are put under pressure even due to layoffs. Job loss is a stressful situation. Even if you live prudently, job loss can rapidly deplete your savings and assets.

Under this circumstance, even financially liable person can go into arrears from plenty of sources like mortgage, credit card, utility bills, car loans, insurance payments and more. Filing a bankruptcy can give you a chance to regain control.

  • Credit card debt

Credit card debt is not just due to irresponsible spending but can pile up because of catastrophes like job loss, illness & disability, unexpected income reduction and emergency expenses.

  • Divorce

Marital dissolutions cause immense financial strain on the involved partners. First it is the legal fees that can be astronomical in several cases. In addition, the division of assets, child support announcement, alimony and ultimately the enduring cost of maintaining two households, after separation.

All these costs can strip the ability to pay regular bills, which leads to file bankruptcy.

  • Natural calamities

Property loss due to theft or natural disaster like floods, earthquakes, or tornadoes impetus owner to file bankruptcy because they are not insured for natural disaster.

Homeowners are not aware that a separate coverage is needed for natural disasters. These perils can cause them lose their homes and possessions. They need money to pay for the food, shelter and other items instantly.

  • Bad budgeting

Due to inflation, money management has become very hard and combining it with bad budgeting as well as uncontrolled spending provides a shortcut to escalating debt and finally take help from BK attorney, the best bankruptcy lawyer.

  • Luxury & excess

Celebrities earn in millions, all through their career but overspend and end up broke. Statistics published states that 70% people who win a lottery or have unanticipated gains go broke within 7 years.

They overspend on luxuries excessively like cars, vacations, shopping, and more without considering the reality that they will end up bankrupt.

Select a method you are comfortable with

Bankruptcy can deliver a wise debt solution for several people. A few found that through debt management plan they can avoid the dilemma of bankruptcy and still control their finances. The most vital thing is to deal with this crisis in any way that works fine with you. Debt is an issue that does not vanish on its own.

Revealed: 42% of Brits lie about how charitable they are

New research from a UK voucher code website has revealed that 42% of Britons have lied about how charitable they are in order to look better in front of their peers. Exaggerating how much they donated or how much money they raised for a charity event was revealed as the most common lie told. Furthermore 67% stated they wouldn’t hesitate to lie again.

A new study from a voucher code website in the UK has revealed that just over two fifths of UK citizens lie about how charitable they are to their friends, family and work colleagues. The lies most likely to be told include exaggerating how much money they raised or how much they had donated, as well as what they actually did to raise money. Interestingly, 8% of those taking part in the study confessed they had stated someone else’s charity work as their own.

The research, conducted by www.myvouchercodes.co.uk polled 2,158 people aged over 18 in the UK, with an even split of men and women. Initially, all respondents were asked whether they had lied to their peers about how charitable they were, to which 42% of those polled stated that they had. They were then asked to detail what lies they had told, revealing the below:

  • How much money they had raised (more than they raised) – 45%
  • How much money they had donated (more than they in fact donated) – 45%
  • What they did to raise money for charity – 32%
  • What charities they donated too – 37%
  • Why they were raising money – 23%
  • Volunteering time to a charity/cause when they hadn’t – 17%
  • Claiming someone else’s charity work as their own – 8%

Those who had stated they had lied about how much money they had donated or raised were asked to give a rough estimation of how much of an exaggeration that was. The majority (54%) said between £1 and £50, meanwhile 32% said it was in the region of £50 and £100 and 14% had said over £100.

In order to understand the results further, the survey then asked all those who had said they had lied who they had lied to. The majority (35%) stated that they had lied to their work colleagues, 26% had lied to a partner, 21% had lied to family members and 17% revealed that they had lied to friends. Furthermore, only 11% had ever been found out as liars and 67% said they would lie again.

Speaking about the study, Chris Reilly General Manager of MyVoucherCodes:

“Sometimes raising money for charity can bring out a competitive edge in people. This can be good news for charities, however it’s shocking to see people actually lying about how much money they have raised or how much money they have donated. The only people really losing out here are the charities, but some peoples’ egos are certainly being boosted.”

He added:

“I can see how easily a little white lie about how much you donated or made for charity with work colleagues or family members might not seem like a bad thing, especially if it’s a rounded up figure or just a few pounds over. But exaggerating £100s of pounds over is a sure fire way to get noticed and more of a chance of you being sussed out as a liar. And in this age of social media, it wouldn’t take long for the whole world to find out.”

Additional Benefits of Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore

Most of the times, kids or even teenagers do not think about any financial issues at their age. They have their parents or guardians supporting them financially and that’s that. There are many students who enter their late teens or early teens and prefer working part time jobs in any place. This is so that they can add additional money in their monthly allowance etc. Many students work as a waiter or a cashier in a restaurant, a café etc. The Delivery Boy Job is also taken up by a lot of people. These delivery jobs can be for some fast food chain or a courier company, a newspaper company. Many students carry out their daily expenses through their paychecks that they get done such Delivery boy Jobs in Bangalore. Most people prefer getting delivery jobs because the added tips that the employees get are an additional benefit.

The concept of this service, delivering the product to the customer’s door, has not been a relatively new concept. It has been around for many decades. Now, however, people are putting these services of delivery boy in a whole new context. Many brands and companies that have just started launching their products give the option of delivering the products that a customer buys straight to their home. This practice is observed more and more online shopping business. Most of the websites have a practice of getting the payment on delivery of the product, which attracts more customers. Many brands and companies create their official page and launch their different products on it. The user just selects on whatever he or she wants to purchase and order it to his or her address. The delivery boy will bring that said product at your door. All you have to do is sit in your home and order whatever product you want to buy or whatever food you want to eat. Your order will be delivered to you without you going through any hassle.

There are many part time jobs that students, even adults take up to gather extra cash. India is a relatively populated country offers its youth many such part time working jobs. There are many ads of delivery boy job in Bangalore,whenever you pick up the newspaper. This shows the demand of delivery jobs not Justin Bangalore, but almost everywhere. Sometimes, the delivery boys are given some mode of transportation as well as carry out the goods and products to the step door to the customers. You must have come across pizza delivery boys and their bikes on which they carry boxes of pizzas to be delivered. Similarly, people working courier delivery jobs are sometimes provided with vans as a mode of transportation. In addition to delivery boy jobs, delivery executive jobs in Bangalore are also given ads for and are hired on the basis of some prior experience in the delivery jobs field. Most people require that the candidates, who try for the delivery executive post, are at least a college graduate or at the least HSC pass.

UK IFAs risk losing out to tech-led Americans

The British IFA industry has already had its challenges in recent years thanks to the requirements for transparent pricing and clarity over tied and non-tied products for customers, and it now appears that there is a fresh challenge ahead when it comes to technology.


Image Credit

Independent Financial Advice has always relied on the latest available technologies of the day – most recently to access the best and most appropriate deals for a customer’s situation and objectives. However, there is an increasing need to drive down operational and administrative costs by using back office systems for IFAs, digital marketing, and engagement, along with other tools that compensate for a switch to fee-driven advice rather than referral fees through recommending tied products.

Financial services lags behind

It is interesting that technological innovation in this industry is still lagging far behind others. However, the biggest challenge seems to be increasingly coming from tech and social media firms based in America.

New services from the US are offering UK customers the chance to buy products directly without needing the services of a British-based IFA. The industry at home needs to rapidly digitise the financial advice market to see off the overseas challenge with innovative digital solutions. For an example of this type of good practice, visit the Intelliflo website for back office systems for IFAs.

FCA and EU agrees on priorities

The FCA has already launched an innovation project to make sure that innovative product development is supported by the regulatory framework, allowing mobile and digital solutions to flourish, including things such as the Digital Passport. The EC has already said that a digital single market creation is a strategic priority. It believes that the creation of a true EU-wide market would bring more than £306 billion to the region every year and create hundreds of thousands of additional jobs.

However, barriers do still exist, including access issues, internet speeds, knowledge and wider adoption of digital solutions amongst target markets, supporting digital infrastructure, and the existence of a suitably skilled delivery workforce, among others.

Nevertheless, the message is very clear for British IFAs: it is time to adopt technology and deploy it effectively or lose out on valuable customers as American businesses swoop in on ready and increasingly willing domestic customers.

The Business Tycoon Michael Ashley Is On the Go

In the recent years, the business tycoon Michael Ashley has successfully positioned him as the 318th rank holder among the global billionaires list. Also, internationally known as Mike Ashley, Michael, the British business personality ranks him as the 10th Billionaires in the UK and the net worth of his business empire stands to more than $3.6 billion. Michael’s major business areas include one of the globally largest sportswear retail chains while he is the owner the most distinguished European club Newcastle. He has bought Newcastle by paying £135 million, which has been one of the major business acquisitions in the world in the recent years.

Subsequent to completion of his school degrees, the young ambitious chap kicked off his professional life as a squash player. Even being a promising athlete, it’s due to a sudden injury he had to leave the field, however, started performing as country level squash trainer. In 1984, Michael Ashley launched his foremost Sport and Ski Shopping Chain points in the city Maidenhead. His state-of-the-art shopping hub became a smash hit in the British Market which inspired him to launch some more retail points adding the chain in and around London area. For this, he borrowed a loan from his family and devoted him in his project.

Within a few months Michael successfully opened some more shopping points and with the fast expansion of his retail shopping chain, by ‘90s the English business entrepreneur planned for rebranding the Chain Sports Soccer, which eventually emerged in the international market as Sports Direct International Plc. These days, headquartered in SHIREBROOK and major offices in Mansfield and Derbyshire the limited liability company has been on the go with more than 20000 employees and 400+ retail stores in UK, Slovenia, Ireland and Belgium.

Among the globally famed brands owned by Michael Ashleyas of day, include gear manufacturing company KARRIMOR, Dunlop Slazenger, Boxing brand LONSDALE, DONNAY and KANGOL. For buying Dunlop, Mike expended £40 million in 2003. Apart from this, he has been a major stakeholder in UMBRO too (Paid £9 million). As found from the Guardian group that in his vast empire, Ashley is holding a collection brand holdings, properties and shareholdings apart from owning Sports Direct and Newcastle United. He is one of the key directors of MASH Holdings Ltd and has been in the board of directors in more than 200 companies spread over the world.

The British Business Tycoon owns 29.4% stake, 19% stake and 6.92% stake in Blacks Leisure Enterprises Group, JD Sports and Scottish Football Club Rangers respectively. Currently, he has sold his holding Forge Retail Park located in Glasgow as against £84 million. Michael Ashley is also the owner of Millets and Mambo and enjoys 50% stake in Ashleigh Property Holdings Ltd. In addition, MASH Aviation Ltd that offers him helicopter services is also owned by him. Born and brought up in Burnham, Buckinghamshire Mike completed his schooling from Burnham Grammar School. The Swedish-born brilliant student in Economics Linda Jerlmyr is his life partner. The couple has three children who are naming Matilda, Anna and Oliver. In his leisure time, Ashley like spending time in his farmhouse situated in Hertfordshire village. He is an avid passionate skier.

Exploring Electronic Dance Music with David Neil

Music is the food of life, the saying goes, and it is not totally untrue. Nature has music embedded in it and music has millions of people around the world connecting without words too. While music has diversified and evolved a lot in every tradition and culture and in every region across the world, modern music is also making great leap in this regard.

While music is changing, can the musicians or those in crazy love for notes and timbres be left untouched? There are various professions that have come out of being a musician and while few decades ago, musicians could just be, seen performing on stage, in the radio or television, today the media has evolved too. Today, music can be played everywhere, and one can make money even by playing music and sharing it online.

The genres of music have evolved in every sphere, and while few roots can be traced to the original folk music, few other tunes are made in the DJ’s console on the spot in a pub or in a recording studio. David Neil is a famous musician who has made great fame in EDM or in the genre of Electronic Dance Music.

Evolution of music and how big it has grown?

Today, music has evolved to a big force that has united people across countries and that has helped too in encouraging new artistes and musicians like David Neil. As a musician has specific attraction towards a particular genre, even Mr. Neil has an attraction towards Electronic Dance Music or EDM. Usually, produced by proficient playback musicians or DJ’s, the EDM today has entered the music industry and has gained great popularity.

Though EDM is a big field that encompasses many other genres like trance, dubstep, techno, and Jersey Club to name few, it is just in the last few years, when the music scenario has changed for the better.

The EDM is a field of special music that requires perfect knowledge of music and then matches it seamlessly. Top musicians and DJs internationally have used various techniques and musical instruments to bring some of the most interesting tunes. These days musicians worldwide like Elton John, Rihanna, and even Justin Beiber have gone ahead to make waves in this category and they are making waves. In fact, this type of music is played across the hundreds and thousands of pubs and discos where the musical variation and emergence of newer types of music has always existed.

David Neil too has a preference for Electronic Dance Music and after completing his college education plans to enter this field and join the legends in the Billboard. There is a lot of potential in this field and thankfully, he has enough and more encouragement from his parents. They made him take lessons in piano and so today, he has knowledge of music and soon he would be taking a big leap in to the music industry. He has gone ahead to practice electronic keyboard and guitar too.

Donald Trump Almost Facing Criminal Charges for Rally Punch Episode

An African American protester has been recently hit in the face at a Donald Trump Rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The irony of the entire situation is that the man who has been hit was actually handcuffed by security personnel and the escorted out. Seemingly, the US candidate for the Presidential nomination actually encourages this type of behavior. Through the prism of the upcoming elections 2016, this episode does not bring any good advantage to Mr. Trump…

Donald Trump actually faced criminal charges for ashort period on Monday night after the rally. According to resources, the North Carolina Police Department were analyzing whether or not Trump should be prosecuted for instigation to violence. The real estate magnate and political pretender to the presidential seat was noted saying he would like to punch protesters “in the face” himself. This statement was highlyregarded as incitement by the Police. Even like this, the magnate said he wouldlike to cover for all required legal expenses for the assailant.

The opinions are quite divided. While some would indict Trump for instigation to violence, others would not consider the entire episode as serious. On the political scene, opinions polls show that Trump is a huge favorite for the states of North Carolina, Florida, Missouri and Florida. Trump supporters seem to do their jobs perfectly, by standing strong besides their favorite pretender.

For example, at the latest rally of Cruz in Preoria, a Tramp fan shouted out loud “you should go back to Canada”. However, the Texan senator responded that the difference between his rally and a Donald Trump rally is that he (Cruz) does not ask anyone to punch protesters in the face. It also seems Trump is heavily bothered by the fact that there are too many protesters disturbing his campaigns. He also believes that many of those protesters are sent on purpose to his campaigns by other opponent candidates.

Although many political figures and candidates seem to attack Trump and accuse him of bigotry or even racism, there is on extremely powerful figure greatly defending him. Sarah Palin, who even campaigned for him in Florida, says there is no more precious time available to spend on the so called protesters. These protesters are basically wasting everyone’s time and they try to step right onto the rights of a candidate to assemble in a peaceful manner.

She continued to sustain Trump by saying that it seems even the media is supporting the ‘thugs’. In her opinion, several candidates and the media itself are underestimating the wisdom of the people. These people are wise, and they know whom to choose and why they should choose him. They cannot be fooled by the media or the protesters.

Palin also said that the status quo has to go, meaning there is a heavy need for changing those social structures and values. It takes a revolutionary figure to make this beneficial change, and this figure is represented by Donald Trump himself! The people have found their revolutionary figure…