How To Understand Whether You are a Foodie or Not?

In 1981, Paul Levy and Ann Barr invented the term ‘foodie’, who used it in the title of their book ‘The Official Foodie Handbook’ in 1984. The word is used to describe an individual who finds out and enjoys new foods, restaurants and wines. A food connoisseur delights in the complete sensory experience of food. At the grocery store, for example, a food enthusiast will exuberantly find the perfect fleshy and plump fruit, smelling it, squeezing it gently, and noticing the color and ripeness. A foodie enjoys the entire experience of eating as the person has a lust for new food experiences, which includes shopping for food, exploring food, arranging and cooking food, and unquestionably consuming great food.

According to food enthusiast and die-hard fan of Master Chef Robert F. Burke, you will be considered a connoisseur of good food if you like gourmet food. Chiefly a gourmet is a person who not only enjoys drinking good wines or drinks, eating good food but he or she also has a lot of understanding and knowledge about various types of food. Generally a gourmet is related with high quality food that is considered to be classy, luxurious and well presented. A gourmet has adequate knowledge to talk about dishes and foods that are not understood very well.

If one considers this enlightenment of gourmet food, then there are many various kinds of foods that can be categorized in this class. Desserts, meats, cheeses, drinks, and even fruits fall under this category. All these preparations and cooking will be not only be delicious, but are also delicacies in their own rights. Some specimens of gourmet food include foie gras, truffles, smoked salmon, cheeses, specialty meats, caviar and certain condiments. These foods are presented and served in such a way that all the senses are roused and eating them becomes an act or devotion.

There are many stores across the US that specialize in selling gourmet foods. These stores, while ensuring that the items are always fresh have to follow very strict quality standards. So, whether you are purchasing Iranian caviar or Russian caviar, you can be assured of the freshness and the quality. Of course, to indulge in this passion, you should also be willing to pay big bucks. If you are a lover of gourmet food, you know how costly it can be to purchase Spanish saffron, gourmet cookies, or gourmet chocolates.

Ready to eat meals have carved a niche for themselves and have become extremely popular among food lovers because of factors like convenience, health, variety and the simplicity that they offer. They have won the heart of millions of connoisseurs and foodies like Robert F. Burke, and made life simpler for those who are faced with limited cooking options and lead a busy lifestyle. Not only have they been the impeccable and perfect quick meal substitute but also solved many problems when things have just not gone the intended way and the baking tray has had overcooked layers.

You do not always need to become a food connoisseur, but a tranquil and easy way to add more happiness to your life is to make your individual eating experiences more pleasurable. The more you revel in your food involvements (shopping, cooking, eating, creating, and digesting), the more you enjoy life.


Taxes are collected by local, federal, and state managements to avail important services like highways, defense, police, judiciary, etc. These services benefit all the people, who could not afford them very efficiently for their own requirement. Taxes also fund services and programs that facilitate specific people, such as health, social services, welfare, schools, parks, etc. The U.S. government has been granted the power to create and collect taxes according to the article 1 of the United States Constitution. Paying taxes is considered a civic duty and if someone fails to pay taxes within the stipulated period of time, the government agencies that oversee taxes – IRS or the Internal Revenue service – will impose penalties such as fines, or punishment such as imprisonment.

Many people are unsure about the entire procedure of tax payment and look for feasible help from a body that can guide them through their needs. These people can find solace in Eber Connecticut, a firm consisting of experienced and credentialed experts who help people in tax related problems.  They specialize in taxes and provide insightful solutions to their customers. It is one of the leading companies of the United States and boasts of numerous satisfied clients. The experts in the company emphasize the importance of paying taxes on time.

It can be intimidating for people who have not paid their taxes on time. They are most likely to get in the bad books of the IRS. When they are confronted with the pending tax demands of the IRS, they find themselves totally at sea. This is when Eber-CT comes to their rescue, guiding them through every step and being by their side in their predicament.

Eber-CT assures clients that the IRS is there to help and they need not be terrified. If they can prove to the IRS that they will eventually pay the entire tax amount, the IRS can provide a certain degree of tax relief. The experts of Eber Connecticut help clients negotiate the terms of payment with the IRS that will benefit both the tax payer and the IRS.

The rules and regulations of the IRS are often incomprehensible to common people. The guidelines may change due to new laws imposed. However, not everyone is up to date with these guidelines. So it is necessary for them to consult experts in these fields.  Eber-CT also settles tax disputes and acts as a medium between the IRS and the tax-payers. The litany of tax experts available in this firm keep themselves updated with all the current amendments in the tax department. There are also lawyers in the company who can assist them in legal issues. Through their help, IRS often extends the time period for payment.

Eber Connecticut helps clients prepare the right presentation to successfully address the IRS with their problems. They also explain in details the following steps that need to be followed to successfully complete the tax payment. So people can finally be relieved in knowing that there is a friendly and reliable firm that is a one-stop solution for all their tax-related problems.

What to Look for When Choosing Home Care

Regardless if it is for an elderly family member or you have an injury that needs care at home, choosing the right assisted living service can be a daunting task. Do not simply let a health service appoint anassisted living service to you, do your homework beforehand and know what your assisted living options are and what to look for when choosing home health care. You want to ensure that you receive quality, efficient and proactive home health care.
When choosing a home health care service make sure to include multiple agencies in your search. This can be a benefit not only because of cost, but also because of the quality of care that you will receive. Ask the service how long they have been in business, the longer they have been in business is usually better. The only caution you should have is that sometimes a particular service will have sister agencies in other states. If so they may quote you the time that their entire service has been practicing in other states as well, so make sure that you make the question specific. Also ask for their state licensing and registration numbers. Once you have these numbers you can actually call your states service for healthcare administration and get more information about the service.

Remember you are giving this service a job, so treat it as if it were a job interview and you are the hiring manager. Don’t be afraid to ask the home healthcare service for references. Be sure to get three current references as well as 3 past references so you can partially evaluate the service based on the experience other people have had. You may want to also learn about their emergency procedures. Sometimes there are weather events or natural disasters that could interfere with your home health care. See what policies and procedures the service has in place to accommodate you during such circumstances.

Since technology is at the forefront and has become a very social thing, viewing reviews on companies and agencies is easier than ever before. Log onto your computer or use your smart phone to find reviews on the service you are thinking of hiring. There is the star system in which most organization, companies, businesses and agencies are rated, however, there are also detailed reviews posted from actual client and employees. This could give you an inside view on how others perceive the service you are looking to employ.

Meet a Connoisseur Of Good Food & Clothes

There are many perfectionists in this world. They are lovers of the fine things in life. They inspire us to follow our passions and live life to the fullest. They are examples fit to be followed and loved- Robert F Burke is such an individual. He is a man of great fashion and style. At the same time, he loves to dine in splendor. He is the right person to ask when it comes to men’s wear.

According to him, different styles suit different men. The shape, style, professional, image and tastes of the man concerned is taken into account. In this manner, you can get the right attire for the occasion. There are many men in the fashion industry who come to him for advice and counsel. For being fashionable, you do not have to sport the perfect physique. Yes, it is an added advantage if you have a toned and slim body. Fashion options are more open to you. At the same time, you effectively are able to wear everything as it will look good on you. If you are not fortunate enough to have the right physique or height, Robert helps men get their style quotient right! He has the solution for everything.

Robert is highly respected in the men’s clothing industry. He is a denim collector and has profound knowledge on the different kinds of denim available in the market. Robert is a man who is approachable and helpful. No wonder, everyone who knows him loves him adorably.

When it comes to food, Robert loves to dine with friends and family. He enjoys almost all cuisines. He experiments a lot and besides the recipe, he is also aware of the nutritional value of a dish.

His love for food is not limited to sitting at the table and relishing the dish. He also is fond of cooking and is an avid watcher of MasterChef. He also churns up dishes himself after being inspired by the talent cooks in the series. His interests also include basketball and he is a fan of LA Lakers and LA Kings. In his spare time, he never misses any basketball match.

Robert F Burke is indeed a man of many interests. He loves to pursue them whenever he is not working. In this way he manages to maintain a healthy work life balance which is the need of the day. He emphasis that life is fast and work predominantly takes up much of our time. The mental and physical balance should always be there for good and healthy living.

Food, clothes and sports are the signs of good living. Everyone deserves the best when it comes to all three. Robert F Burke is an inspirational and motivational example to all modern men who wish to look good, enjoy their passion and eat well to lead a fit life. He is a great role model and above all a very happy human who spreads joy around with his interests and valuable advice about them!


Bernell Gatlin and his way of Un-winding

Don’t you sometimes feel that you need to relax and take a break? You may feel the need to relax the most when you are really stressed or tired about work. There are many people who work on the same humdrum of life and do not have any chance to escape monotony. It is indeed very sad, since the life for them is indeed very stressful and very little time is in hand to enjoy life and fulfill responsibilities and duties diligently too. So, it is recommended that you take much needed break and travel to the country of your choice or at least just go on a break to some exotic place and unwind. Bernell Gatlin is a person just like any other person next door, who too has plenty of wishes to travel the world. So, while he has a full time job and has his times of relaxation watching game on television, a break from the monotony would only come when he packs his bags and steps across the threshold of his house.

Re-discovering yourself:

When a person begins working, he has no time to indulge in long breaks or even do the things he used to do when he was a student. This just means that the mounting pressure of work, getting to meet new people, and new deadlines gets too much to handle. This causes many people to take crazy steps and fall deep into depression too. But there are few steps that could be taken and these would not need anything more than a wake-up call.

Do not stop doing things that you loved in your life. Do not stop enjoying life at the fullest. Just do in the same way like Bernell Gatlin,and you will not have a dull moment in your life. In case, you love sports or had an inclination towards arts, just start taking classes or enlist yourself as a teacher for these arts. You shall soon win plenty of fans and followers. You shall follow these pursuits on weekends when you have nothing better to do.

More on getting the most from free time:

Joining groups or clubs where your creativity can be shared with likeminded people will take you a long way indeed. So, take time out and join these classes and societies. You will actually find several people who are also just like you, pursuing different professions and even happily settled in their personal life. But more than everything else, you shall find that these people are able to manage time, spend time with their family also, and at the same time keep themselves happy and very contended. This is indeed some skill, that everyone has to follow and only then, you will be able to reach your goal of mental peace. If you are in a happy space, only then, you shall be able to work well, meet the right people, and of course, even settle down happily forever.


A Guide to the Courses to Select for Enthusiasts Willing to Learn Diving

One of the major decisions of life includes getting a career of your choice. If you have a hobby that you would love to take up as a main full time career option, then you should probably choose it. This is the reason diving and swimming have got so much of popularity worldwide. Careers over the years have seen a sea change with many options opening in areas, which were even unheard of in the past. Where earlier, the only profession was of a beautician; today you have a separate artiste for each part of the body, starting from the nail to the hair to the make-up. The same diving too has bifurcated and people have also taken a great liking towards it. This is why institutes of repute like Divers Academy International have come up with courses in diving that would not just help you know the details of diving but would also deal with the specific branches in detail.

Knowing about the courses in diving:

Today, diving institutes in the country have come up with various courses both long-term and short-term depending on your requirement. If you wish to do a thorough course in long-term to give a sound backing to your basic swimming or diving skills and make a career out of it, then go for long-term or full time courses. If you wish to just upgrade the existing or working knowledge in diving, then short-term courses of advanced techniques would do. However, it is essential that you take time to enroll only in the reputed institution after browsing and after learning in depth about the courses.

The institute should adhere to the safety measures with great care and then only you should even think of enrolling. A visit to the institute to check in these measures and the area that would be used for practical classes should be helpful. Likewise, you can go for reading through the Divers Academy International Reviews that would be available online. A look through these means you would know what the passed out students have to say.

More on knowing about the courses and institute:

If you have someone already enrolled in these diving institutes then ask them for a reference. This would help you in getting a fair understanding and a really first-hand idea. Talking of the courses, you could go for Commercial diving lessons and this would enable you to make a lot of money by pursuing your hobby or passion. The courses would begin with the Orientation, which would help you in understanding the overall curriculum and the kind of personal diving gear that you should buy. Further to this, you would be explained on different branches of commercial diving like the on-shore diving, offshore diving, HAZMAT diving and the Naval diving. These would be able to open your eyes on how and which field to choose to make your career. You also should check out to know if they have courses on Scuba diving and deep sea diving that are also excellent as career options.

Avail A Spectrum Of Necessary Services Offered By Cox & Kings Global Services

For an embassy receiving thousands of visa and passport applications, processing of such documents of a sheer volume and managing the vast data electronically proves a herculean task. After all, there can be no compromise with the safety of the documents and security of the data within the documents. As a result, embassies take help of companies who are known for providing an array of such services in a secured manner.

With its corporate office in Mumbai, Cox & Kings Global Services is one such company. It has its offices in Delhi and Dubai too. CKGS has been founded in 2008 and since then, there is no looking back. The company was earlier named as Quoprro Global Services and presently offers its services to many diplomatic missions across the globe. Some of these missions are as follows:

  • Bahrain visa application centre – Egypt
  • Vietnam Visa Application & Processing Centre
  • Embassy of India & Its Consulates
  • Royal Thai Consulate General
  • Embassy of Japan
  • The Embassy of India
  • Consulate General of Italy
  • RERA-Government of Dubai
  • Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department(DNRD)

The company also has its centers in India, Kuwait, Egypt, Vietnam, Sweden, USA, Latvia.


Range of services by Cox & Kings Global Services


The company offers a wide spectrum of services globally. These services are the following ones.

  • Visa Processing and Passport Application – The service include information dissemination, acceptance, pre-scrutiny, tracking, and return of documents. This also includes fee handling via various payment modes, data management and interview scheduling in a secured way.
  • Biometrics Enrollment – Biometrics now plays a major role as a standard of identification and the company offers commendable biometric solutions. Be it capturing of finger prints or digital images, everything is in compliance with the International standards. To ensure security of the biometrics, all biometrics are collected only before CCTV cameras and are never retained on any electronic media.
  • Electronic Document Management – Data storage in physical form i.e. in papers proves highly costlier and if it is in electronic form, managing the same securely is not an easy ball game. Cox & Kings Global Services offer excellent management services for electronic documents. All the documents are scanned electrically and indexing is done by unique document identifiers so that retrieval when needed is fast and secured.


The company is a reputed one and is a subsidiary of a renowned public limited travel company named Cox and Kings Ltd (CKL) which is also one of the oldest company offering travel services continually since 1758. CKGS puts utmost emphasis on conducting regular audits internally so that quality of all the operational procedures carried out by the company can be assured or enhanced. Those who are seeking similar services or solutions can fill the online form available over the official website of the company.

The company also invites others to contact them for any business inquiry even if the solutions or services that they are searching are not offered by the company.

Investment and Acquisitions – The Key to Maximum Business Growth

At his early 50s, the young, self-motivated Canadian Business Executive Anthony Munk has been positioned as the Senior Managing Director of the Toronto based huge investment group, Onex Corp. He is a long associate of Onex Investment Corp and previously, he was the Managing Director as well VP of this major corporate.

Onex is one of the fastest developing and oldest private equity firms. Incepted in ’84, Onex’s major business focus area is investment and acquisition of high-quality businesses which are in bad position and making them money-making with the help of its most talented professionals and management teams. Aside from this, the company invests significantly in collateralized loans, credit securities and leveraged loans. This major corporate also takes interest in hospitality industry and building items. The majority of its activity areas are designed supervised and administered by Anthony Munk in conjunction with other directors, board and management people.

Munk is also connected to Cineplex Entertainment Inc as its Independent director, and as a Board of director in Barrick Gold Corporation. This should be mentioned here, that his father Peter Munk is a business entrepreneur who made Barrick as the largest Gold producing company in the world. Importantly, apart from helping Anthony Monk in getting his foremost job, Peter Munk didn’t back his son Anthony in any terms; because he was confident about Anthony’s competence and attitude of ‘making things done’. In fact, Munk is linked to a number of companies as their board directors. To name a few, there are companies like Cineplex Entertainment, Tomkins Building Products, Munk Peter Charitable Funds apart from JELD-WEN, Art Gallery of Ontario and more.

With the takeover of SIG COMBIBLOC Group AG, the Swiss Major Juice container producer followed by York Risk Services, a risk management company, Anthony Monk has declared his company’s arrival in global takeover market. Meanwhile, the major private equity enterprise together with its associate, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has taken over Tomkins Plc. In back 1850, since its inception SIG, is engaged in manufacturing railway cars and achieved good sales. The company employs 5,100 staffs and having business access across 40 countries.

When it comes to the possibilities of its future business changes or diversification apart from keeping the production of railway car, the ball is in Onex’s court. Acquiring the large European companies at competitive prices is now the ‘bull’s eye’ of Anthony. Most importantly, the fall down in North American movie, theater industries and the bankrupted conditions of major theater houses has been wonderfully utilized by Anthony Munk. Out of the major houses he grasped so far, comprise of the Mexican major CINEMEX, Michigan’s Star Theater and Loews. As speculated by Anthony Munk that the industry is regaining its time again and boosting up especially after the blockbuster launch of movies in a series like ‘Spider-Man, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘A Beautiful Mind’. With record number of moviegoers the ticket prices are also mounting like anything.




The 2015 Guide to Greenwich

Greenwich (which means ‘the green place of cows by the river’ – its current name rolls off the tongue much easier than the old Anglo Saxon one) became the darling of the maritime world in the eighteenth century,  and, getting on for three hundred years later, Greenwich is now just as popular with everyone else too. After all, there are so many things to do near Greenwich that it is impossible to visit without having discovered something new, something fascinating, and something wonderful.

The O2

The world famous O2 offers plenty of things to do near Greenwich. This magnificent place, built to celebrate the millennium, is home to concert stages, restaurants, a bowling alley, a cinema, numerous bars, exhibitions, the Sky Studios experience (where you can discover how TV is really made), and the chance to actually climb on its iconic roof! Imagine the view from there!

The Prime Median

Greenwich’s prime meridian – the place where longitude is at exactly zero degrees – is where the distance to every other place on earth is measured from. Standing on the line itself is exhilarating, exciting, and certainly worth a photo or two. This truly is the centre of time.

The Royal Observatory

If you are standing on the prime meridian, you should also check out The Royal Observatory. The prime meridian runs right through the courtyard of this fascinating place, but there is much more to it than that. Visit the Peter Harrison Planetarium – London’s only planetarium – and, with the help of some impressive CGI, travel through time and space to discover more about the universe than you ever realised you could know. Take the little ones and go to the free children’s galleries, which are ideal for under 7s; this is where their imagination can run riot as they explore pirate ships, catch fish, and ‘work’ in the interactive boatyard. Or why not visit the Nelson exhibition where, amongst other things, you can see the uniform he actually wore.

Greenwich Park

Taking a stroll, maybe a picnic, perhaps a rest or just a wander in Greenwich Park is the perfect way to end your day out in London. The beautiful park attracts millions of tourists and local alike each year, and once you’ve seen it, it’s not hard to see why. This is the oldest of all the London parks, having been enclosed way back in 1427. But age has not wearied this wonderful garden, and for a spot of lunch, a romantic date, a jog, or an evening walk, this is the place to be.

The Thames

London’s iconic river comes alive in Greenwich. You can ride high above it on the Emirates Air Line that spans the river between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks (and get a view that is totally unforgettable and includes the might O2)… you can travel along it in style on one of the many river cruises that are available (everything from a four course meal to a sumptuous afternoon tea can be included, and entertainment too)… you can even let your adrenalin junkie run wild with the Thames RIB experience (it’s like a rollercoaster on the river)! Whatever your speed, you can experience it all on the Thames.