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freejobalertServing the private sector for quite long time, it was now that I thought of securing my family’s future on my own. Being concerned about this factor it was time to move on for a government job. Residing in the northern part of India, most conveniently I was looking for the Delhi government jobs. However, it was not as easy as I thought. The obsession for government jobs was so high in India that a large number of audiences targeted for it. It was like those who are employed in government sector are successful and more effective.

As I was experienced in the private sector, it was true to some extent that a government job was far better than the private one as it assures more security and comfort level in life. It was a stereotype or a taboo in the society that a person with a reasonable paying government job had higher social status than an individual earning much more in the private sector. Thus, in search of stability and peace of mind, I too desired for a government sector employment after reaching a satisfactory point in my career. Apart from the social point of view, it also had economic advantages.

As getting the updates for these exams and openings was quite tedious if I had to personally keep a track. Therefore, I decided to subscribe to the job alerts which were offered online. Registering for the free job alerts, I could easily get the featured updates which I needed and before time. Uploading my resume over the web I found wide opportunities and avenues to secure my life. Though trying for the Delhi government job did not turn successful, I still tried in the other northern state. It was for the Bihar police service commission (bpsc) now that I applied. Yes! I got through the exam and secured a good position.

This job greatly benefitted with the following features:

ü  Job security

ü  Additional allowances

ü  Timely salary

ü  Free healthcare facilities

ü  Fixed promotion and annual increments

ü  Provident funds

ü  Working hours and stress

ü  Housing facilities

ü  Paid holidays

ü  More number of holidays

ü  Pension benefits

ü  Respect and authority

Everything that I bagged in a government sector was majorly because I subscribed to the free job alerts service. Had I not did that, I would have badly struggled for a job and not reach the heights where I am now so soon. It may have been a long journey and ultimately de-motivating too. May be I would have switched continuing job in the private sector and strived more there to secure my family.

Seeing me get stable in the government sector, one of my friends too thought of trying the same. I suggested him this subscription of getting alerts for free. As he was from the southern side of India and was in Delhi only for his company’s requirements, he secured the TSPSC job and could conveniently and happily move back to his hometown. It often happens now that we chat and he tells me about his experience and show thankfulness towards me for giving him the free job alerts idea.

Dhiraj shaila is author of this article on Delhi government jobs.Find more information about TSPSC.