Step into an energetic Monday with good diet and little bit of planning!

Some like to pick up the Sunday as the best day of the week. Some others again consider Saturday as the choicest day of the week, since it gives the time and opportunity to enjoy to the fullest. But on one thing, all the guys agree wholeheartedly- it is the Monday every week that is the worst! It is time to get back to work, carry forward all the worries and build up the stress of the last week! Monday Motivation is thus the most difficult hurdle of the week.

Why to get over the Monday blues?

It is not at all a good idea to go into the Monday every week with a negative approach. It has many bad effects, one of which is that you start off the week in a bad shape. This continues for at least the first half of the week and hampers your productivity largely for sure. Not only your employer but also yourself would not like to get hampered in productivity.

The other way it affects us is that it spoils the Sunday evening too! Thinking of Monday, we often have a rough time on Sunday evenings thereby spoiling our mood and the enjoyment of the family as well. This negative feeling sustains in the mind for long and makes an individual a bit rough and insensitive!

How to manage our Mondays

Well, so the question remains as to how good can we manage our Mondays. The answer lies in the fact that a proper start to plan the Monday can help us have the correct and positive frame of mind!

To start with, just take an hour’s time out on Sunday afternoon and prepare for the Monday. It can be a mental preparation as to what tasks we will schedule at what time on Monday in office and for family, or a preparation where we gather the files, papers and hard disk folders properly in place so that we are ready to take off on Monday morning without a delay or push. It can also be like taking out the shirt, trousers and tie for the Monday office. In whatever way it is done, this little bit of preparation ahead can give us the boost on Monday morning.

Have the right food

We must always rely on a healthy diet but on weekends the schedule gets disturbed largely. But to have a good Monday or to feel nice on the morning, a little cautiousness on Sunday nights helps a lot. Start having great deal of water from Sunday evening to keep the system flushed and the body and mind cool. Rely upon fruit juices rather than aerated drinks or alcohol on Sunday nights.

Start off the Monday with a good bit of breakfast- avoid bread and butter, go for corn or oats along with lukewarm milk. This followed by a fruit, fruit juice or lemon water can rejuvenate your body and energise it up so that you hardly feel lack of Monday Motivation! Add to that a bit of meditation or light workout in the morning and head start to your busy week in a positive frame of mind!

What are various benefit from Happy Hour Specials

You can constantly delight in a glass of wine or a couple beers in your home in the convenience of your living-room, however there are some special drinks that you can just get when you are at particular brewpubs and bars. You may desire to take benefit of the Happy hour specials provided by the facility that makes that beer if you are yearning a microbrew that just comes on tap but did you know at WHAT TIME DOES SONIC OPEN. This is a special time throughout the day when restaurants and bars provide marked down pints and mixed drinks, generally accompanied by food specials.


When does your preferred bar host Happy hour? It can be tough to track, which places offer specials, and on what days throughout the week. Thankfully, there are sites and social media outlets that can assist you keep an eye on these things. Depending upon where you live, you can most likely find a site that releases info about discount rates, Thirsty Thursday specials, and all sorts of other promos that different watering holes provide in your town. That way, you can quickly find the very best offer whenever you have the desire to imbibe.

Do you have a preferred brewery or wine bar near you? It may be rewarding to follow this business by means of social media. You will constantly know when they are hosting Happy hour, holding contests, or putting on special occasions. It actually pays to construct relationships with brewmasters and bartenders, too. If you end up being a regular on a specific night of the week, you will likewise end up being an expert when it familiarizes about new beers being brewed, special tastings, free gifts, and so forth.

Do you prefer to soak and mingle up a little culture while you are consuming? A great deal of bars host poetry readings, “Shakesbeer” efficiencies, live music acts, and other special occasions that accompany Happy hour times. Once more, examine local listings to find out when and where these type of efficiencies occur. You make sure to fulfill a great deal of individuals with typical interests, specifically relating to libations and the arts.

Best of luck finding your preferred area for weekly Happy hour areas. It should not be too tough, particularly if you reside in an area of the nation where there are a great deal of wineries, breweries, or distilleries. The even worse care situation is that you will discover a lot about your city’s night life prior to you come across that place that you wish to go back to time and time once again.

If the Happy hour is suggested to commemorate a special event, such as a colleague’s birthday, hanging up decors can be a good touch. You ought to speak to individuals who handle the bar making sure this is all right. The majority of bars have camping tents or special areas that can be leased out for occasions, and the management usually enables the occupants to embellish the area. You might hang up streamers, installed balloons, or ask and hang a banner everybody at the workplace to sign it. You might likewise bring a cake or a box of cupcakes to commemorate the special celebration.