Disaster planning

It is definitely very well said “prevention is better than cure.” If you are ready for a situation and have taken some measures to cope with it, you will realize that the amount of lose you incurred was surely less as compared to the situation which you faced haphazardly and was not ready to cope with. Taking some precautionary measures will help you protect your family better if a situation arises. First of all, you need to determine what kind of emergency situation may arise in your area. Some areas are more prone to floods while some may face earthquakes on a regular basis. You need to learn more about disaster planning to protect yourself and your family. No matter if you are traveling or have settled in a new area, you need to be informed and prepared.


Keep an emergency kit:

Keep an emergency kit with you that can fulfill some basic needs. It should include drinking water for a few days, non-perishable and easy to cook canned food, chocolate bars, bandages, syringes, pain killers, antiseptic, flash lights with extra batteries, phone with extra chargers, sleeping bags, things for personal hygiene, extra clothes, scissors, matches, maps of your area, copies of your important documents like social security cards, driving licenses, passports, birth certificates, cash and small tool box. You can also arrange for other items depending on the needs of our family. For example, if someone in your family suffers from a specific disease like asthma, you need to put inhalers in the kit. Similarly, if you have an infant, keep baby food and milk in the kit.

Keep yourself and family aware of the surroundings:

You need to be aware of your surroundings well to act fast in any emergency situation. Keep yourself updated with weather news so if there are any weather alerts, you are aware of them. If your community arranges any seminar or workshop about disaster planning, do attend it with your family and tell others about the useful information you find there. At least one person in the family should have some first aid training to save a person until the medical help arrives. If a person is suffering from any disease like diabetes, he should have a card in his pocket that contains information like disease’s name, instructions to follow in emergency situation and emergency contact number.

Prepare an emergency plan:

Getting things prepared but not yourself will not help you in any way. You need to discuss a plan with your family what to do if an emergency situation arises. Divide roles so that each member knows his responsibility. Practice what you have planned so that the chances of mistake minimize. Every member should know where to meet, in case you separate. Choose a person to whom you will contact in emergency situation. You need to know all the routes in your area in case you need to evacuate. One should learn more about disaster planning so that he can be a useful member of society should an emergency arise.

The Basics of Indoor Air Quality and How to Improve Your Safety

As long as you are in an enclosed placed whether it is your home, or work place, the quality of air that you take in very vital. Keep in mind that with the reduced surface area, toxicity in the air is multiplied which makes it more harmful and deadlier. Even though this might also be dictated by the pollutant, it is important to make sure that your indoor air quality is up to standards and that you have proper circulation for the sake of your health. There are guidelines that you can follow to help you with these and getting more information on this could prove to be life-saving hence you should, at least, take the trouble.


The most important and most efficient method is to prevent. Knowing how to improve the quality of your indoor air will ensure that you avert any risks and pollutants and above all you can detect any of these with ease and prevent them from being a full-scale catastrophe for the occupants of the building.

If you have recently moved to a new home or building, changes in your health could be a significant indicator of inadequate indoor air quality and also indoor air pollution. These usually differ depending on the pollutant but having such effects and changes should mean that you get help and seek medical attention. Another way to prevent indoor air pollution is to assess any potential indoor air pollutants. This might not mean that you have an indoor air quality problem it is worth being aware of any potential problems so, in case you have any changes, you might know where to look.

Having a proper ventilation system ensures that you have sufficient air circulation and even in case you have a pollution, you can rely on the ventilation system to ensure that you reduce the severity of the pollution and resume supply of quality air.

These are preliminary methods that you can use to avert any air quality concerns, but if it happens, there are characteristics that will alert you and help you get assistance, or the area cleared out as soon as possible. In most instances, there air in the area and the surrounding will be stuffy or smelly. To be sure, you can step outside and take a couple of deep breaths and step back in. if you can smell the odors, then there is an air pollution.

In line with prevention and assessing the quality of air in your surroundings, taking Radon levels once you suspect something is wrong, can also ensure that you are not only sure of the problem, but you are also aware of the scale.

What you can do to ensure indoor air quality

If prevention fails, what is the next step that you can take to protect yourself occasionally and ensure that you have quality indoor air and surrounding? There are a couple of procedures that you can resort to. The first is taking Radon measurements frequently. This will give you a reading of the nature of the air and ensure that there are no dangerous, deadly gases that are floating around.

One of the greatest threats to your indoor air quality is the amount of humidity. You need to make sure that the moisture is well controlled. This would, in turn, prevent the growth of mold which is an even bigger concern for your health. For this, you would need to buy a dehumidifier or seek other options to help with the situation. Airprofessor.com would be able to offer you a variety of other options and collection of dehumidifiers that would be best suited for your space.


You can also invest in Carbon Monoxide alarms and make sure that the batteries in your existing smoke detectors are changed. CO does not have an odor which makes it hard to detect until it is too late. Having the relevant alarm systems in place will ensure that you are better informed as soon as the levels of the gas rise.

It is also critical to ensure that you maintain your ventilation system and keep it functional. It is the most valuable asset you have with regards to clean and quality air. Also, if there is a pollution, this will help the pollutant especially if it is a gas to escape faster restoring normalcy.

Now you have your complete guide to quality indoor air, but you can always ask a question if you have any and get answers in case you have any worries. Keep in mind that while this might sound troublesome, it will save you mountains of time in a hospitable and the crippling medical bills as well.

It is time to bake your floor for comfort

Comfort is really a good term that sounds the same for everyone and we can say that the entire human kind is working towards this single term and we have also achieved a reliable success in doing so. The exploratory nature of our human race has made it a very good one to find out the ways to attain the environmental comfort in every form and today we can say that we are in a state of absolute comfort. You can travel to any part of the world without even shaking your leg and you can speak to anyone on this world without even travelling and thanks to the technology that has been in the game doing all these things.


Thermal comfort quality

It is the right of every individual to get immense comfort in this environmental conditions and one of these things sought to be then important in cold countries. Thermal comfort quality may be defined as the condition of mid in a state when the mind is satisfactory with the prevailing conditions of the environment with regarding to the temperature of the surrounding. Form the very long span of history there are methods to preserve this thermal quality. This has been even more important in the older time because we were living inside the forest where the nights are characterized with absolute cold and at that time we had only minimal skill in building warm houses too.

Specula type of materials are used for this purpose on the olden days and now we use a range of methods to get this done. By radiation and electrical systems or hydronic systems heating is done in order to make the households or any building thermally comfortable pave. Apart from these systems physical methods such as burning chimneys are also used but they are not efficient as the above stated ones.

Water is the right medium

Even in these modern systems it is very good to use water as a medium of heat along with certain anti-freeze elements because it is more reliable and environment friendly than other systems. This system needs only a very little amount is spent on maintenance and also you may get a feeling of safety when dealing with these water pipes rather than the electronic ort radiation systems. Also this type of under floor heating is good at producing the warm effect more in the floor where it is most required than creating a warm experience on the ceilings. So there are many firms working on this area of providing the best service for under floor heating and it’s your duty to find the best that will suit your requirements. But before selecting the one you may need to know something in brief about our firm.

Meet the energigulv

This firm has been working the area of creating new novel ideas on under floor heating and we love to safeguard both the money and environment with a single stroke of activity. So they have evolved many methods in warming the home or any other such building only using the hydronic systems and so there is no worry about the climate and other environmental conditions. You can read more about our services in our official website energigulv.no and you may also like some our methods explained there. Also we are good in using oil now and we can do every central heating procedures without any fail. In addition it is we have been working in the era of district heating and we follow the same value system even working with large scales systems. But for now you may need to know about two important methods that we have developed which helps you out to find the importance of a heating system in your household.

Wall kub

Thos system of heating is very efficient band cost effective for larger areas and there is no big deal in laying the pipes with foundation which a very simple requirement by this method.

Basic ringmur

This system will be very helpful for those who are planning to build a new house or cottage. So it becomes a complete system of heating and needs to be done before the construction of house and in the same sense it becomes a cost effective way of heating.