Do Not Miss Nuru Massage from this Specialty Parlor

tantrictop -I love taking massages once in a while. I have tried massages from some of the best massage parlors all over the world. I must say that this specialized parlor rules the roost amongst them all. Its sensual massage is one of the most talked about and which I have taken umpteen numbers of times. This massage differs from the usual variant and is a lot more intimate. I found it extremely close to an erotic massage. It was performed by a sensuous masseuse who caressed my body with just the tip of her fingers and palms. For massaging my back and lower part of the body, the masseuse used a good force so as to stimulate my erogenous zones. It lasted for about two hours and found it to be extremely satisfying.

I also took the four hand massage from this famous setup. This variant goes beyond the dimensions of mere physical touch and integrates several elements to have it relaxed in all totality. I had to completely submit and give away my feelings to relax in all totality. This massage was performed on me in a cozy yet subtly decorated candle-lit room. The atmosphere was clearly intimate to arouse my senses to a higher level. My room had the aroma of the best of natural oils poured in to invigorate my feelings and build a carnal connection between me – the receiver and my masseuse – the giver. It was all done holistically and was probably the best feeling that I have experienced after a long time.

Nuru massage was by far the most erotic of all the massages I ever had. Apart from the body-to-body contact that this massage therapy calls for, it used special therapy oils all over my body and which invigorated my emotions to a great extent. I had massage gel applied over my body. My masseuse was extremely caring to rub the gel all over to create a sense of romantic stimulation. The gel was of a special kind to allow my masseuse slide her weight over me and to render on my body the appropriate thrust required. Very special Nuru massage oil is used for this purpose. This brand of oil embodies the goodness of a number of superior attributes that makes it one of the most sought-after applications in the world of massage therapies. It being unscented helped me immensely as I was seriously allergic to smells. The caresses and the rub that I got from my masseuse were just phenomenal. As for my masseuse, she was very pretty and had a naturally well-rounded appeal that made her significantly attractive.

This parlor has some of the best masseuses that I have seen in the world. Not only are they extremely polite in conversation but also are good communicators. The fact that they are extremely well groomed and understand their clients’ requirements, are traits that do not need mention. Such traits are assumed from a parlor of this sort, and which is hailed all over the world as one of the very best in any specialty massage that they render to customers. If you are one of the massage enthusiasts or need a massage to get relief from your mental stress, then you ought to look no place else except this one.


38 Hannell road