In What Ways the Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina is Better than Creek Cruises

Being a first time visitor in Dubai, you are bound to experience the exotic nightlife of the country on a cruise. However, it is extremely confusing since there are so many cruises available. The most popular cruising options in Dubai include Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina and the Creek Cruises.

Many experts have suggested that the Dhow Cruises from Dubai Marina are better than the other cruises. In this article, we will be comparing the dhow cruises and the creek cruises of Dubai on various aspects.


To understand which cruising option is better, we must analyse the areas first. While Dubai Marina is an area, which is newly built, the Creek is an old part of Dubai. Here are the characteristics of both the ports –

  • The creek has a really small port. This port is consisted of two sides. These sides are referred to as Deira and Bur Dubai respectively. Since the Bur Dubai is mainly occupied by the promenade, it is not considered as a pleasant sight for the cruisers. The Deira side has few iconic buildings, which are nice to see, but they are not worth it.
  • Whereas, Dubai Marina is newly constructed and is filled with the world’s best restaurants and cafes. It also has some great architecture that is a delight to see.

Surroundings and the Ambience

Ambience plays a very important role. If the ambience of the place that you are visiting is soothing and appealing, you tend to enjoy a lot more than usual.

  • The ambience of the Creek is usually noisy and crowded. There are various business firms and markets there and the roads are always busy with the traffic.
  • Since Dubai Marina is newly constructed, and it is not occupied much, you will experience a calm and a classy environment there. Dubai Marina looks beautiful at night.

Quality and Novelty

If you are spending so much on your cruise trips, you would a higher quality services to enhance your experience.

  • Since the creek is overcrowded, you will not gain high quality services there. The restaurants that are there at the creek are surprisingly cheap and hence you will not get high quality services there.
  • The Dubai Marina is surrounded by an exotic ambience and has the world’s best restaurants. Since these restaurants will serve you at higher prices, you can expect a high quality delivery from them.

Most of the citizens of Dubai are now bored of the Creek Cruises since they are old. However, the Dubai Marina cruises are new. The place is newly built and that’s why the citizens of Dubai can explore new places.

To conclude, we can establish that the Dhow Cruises at the Dubai Marina are far better than the Creek Cruises. If you are planning to do something different on your birthday, you can go to the Dubai Marina since it is filled with the best birthday party venues in Dubai. These places will provide you with the best quality services and an exotic evening with your family or friends. If you plan to visit Dubai, you must check out the Dubai Marina cruises.

Summer Entertainment around Palm Springs

The summer is an exciting times for the Palm Springs region. During the summer, travelers can expect great deals. Consequently, the summer in this region is not quite as quiet as it used to be during the slow season. In fact, there is a wide array of reasons you should check out Palm Springs and its surrounding communities during the warm season. The following are some great attractions you won’t want to miss.

Dive-In Movies

Don’t let the heat prevent you from taking advantage of the deep summer discounts available in Palm Springs. In fact, when it gets really hot, vacationers can do as the natives do and head to venues like Knott’s Soak City where “Dive-In Movies” are featured. Float around the venue’s wave pool while enjoying a great film. It’s a great way to enjoy an evening swim and movie entertainment at the same time. When you just want to relax after a long day of shopping or sightseeing, this is the perfect way to do it.

McCallum Theatre

Located in nearby Palm Desert, the McCallum Theatre is a revered cultural attraction that always features an extraordinary spring and summer line up. From gorgeous dance performances to music concerts to family-friendly features, the theatre strives to bring the region some of the most thrilling acts today. You’ll find both domestic and international groups on the theatre’s schedule. Procure tickets to an upcoming show and plan for a long weekend in the Palm Springs region.

Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum is planning for an exciting summer with exhibitions and activities for all ages. Children can attend storytelling sessions and there are plenty of lectures and workshops designed for adults. Of course, it’s always pleasant simply to enjoy the featured exhibitions. Cool off at the museum any day of week. You can top off your visit with a lunch or dinner at one of the nearby eateries.

Palm Springs Village Fest

If you’re in town between June and September on a Thursday evening, be sure to attend Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs. Starting at 7 PM, the fest brings throngs together to enjoy shopping in the myriad of marketplace stalls. There’s usually live music and plenty of great food to enjoy too. Village Fest allows you to enjoy the city’s excellent evening ambience. If it’s warm, you can always head back to your hotel or resort to cool off at the pool.

Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons is a celebrated natural setting that is perfect for outdoor lovers to explore. So long as you bring plenty of water, you’ll be able to enjoy some picturesque hiking trails as you explore this revered cultural setting. The staff recommends you hike with someone else as a safety. When hiking the back country, you should definitely turn back when you’ve used up half your water supply. To avoid the hot mid-day sun, try to get in an early morning hike.

There is always something to do in Palm Springs and its surrounding communities no matter what time of year you visit. The summer is an enjoyable time because it tends to be somewhat less crowded. So, make your travel arrangements and prepare for your Palm Springs family entertainment in the coming weeks or months.


How Traveling Helps You to Stay Cool and Relaxed

Traveling is a word that works just like magic in our hectic daily life. Once you think of an outdoor trip during the vacation your entire family members get geared in a distinct way. Activities from deciding a place to trip; listing down the things to carry; purchasing necessities to preparing backpacks bring a great feel of happiness, pleasure and respite. Indeed, in order to de-clutter your mind from daily workloads; de-stress the frame of your mind and re-energize you to get started once again, there is no better medicine than traveling. While it offers you the unique opportunity to explore wonderful outskirts, landmarks and history, you enjoy the scope to know about different communities; their customs, cultures and many other things.

Those who enjoy shopping during traveling to other countries they can fulfill their desire while for food lovers traveling is a wonderful time to enjoy various kinds of foods and beverages. To know how traveling helps to learn things and de-stress your mind and soul you can go through the writings of travel enthusiasts like Bernell Gatlin whose writings can provide you a lot of information. While you travel to other places within your country or abroad, you enjoy an opportunity to come across different people who have varied lifestyle. This offers a distinct opportunity to see how people lead their lives; find ways to overcome difficulties or react in varied situations. You can come to know how they adapt themselves with different climatic conditions in terms of extreme cold to humid or sea side areas.

During you travel, you can face different types of uncertain as well unpredicted situations that requires you to change your pre-calculated plans. This enhances your skills toward problem solving, quick decision making and also a sense of self confidence. The flexibility you gain during traveling helps you all the way to come out of your stressful hectic life. Without saying, while you visit different place, you meet people belonging to diverse customs. You witness and find their customs, gestures, lifestyle, rituals and more. This enhances your knowledge, widens your openness to other cultures and people. You can get different traveling tips from experts like Bernell Gatlin who can be found in major social media sites.  Traveling helps you gain a wide room to refresh your mind. Since you come out of your typical lifestyle, see different locales, meet inhabitants belong to other cultures; for some days, you simply forget your place of work and that offers you a great relaxation.

In different studies it has been found that refreshment/ relaxation of mind has a number of psychological and physiological benefits. That works magical when you come back to your daily routine life again. Apart from the above there are many benefits of traveling. Bernell Gatlin is a major travel passionate. He used to write different types of articles focusing on traveling, tips and its benefits. Gatlin recommends getting photos of the locales, landscapes, and people and of all that you see during you travel. Nothing can be a better memory than your photo album.

How Hong Kong Attractions Pass Helped Me Explore the Best of Hong Kong

seehongkongpassVisiting some of the renowned Hong Kong tourist attractions and spots has always been in my to-do list. Different people, culture, mindset and different perspectives are aspects that always intrigue me to the core. Being born and brought up in Canada, I was pretty familiar with people from the west. Not too long ago, I took a trip to Venezuela and discovered some of the most beautiful things relating to the people and their racial background. However, now I was determined to stop wandering the west and explore Asian countries. Throughout books, I have always come across some of the most interesting facts relating to many Asian countries like China, India and Japan. These nations are well admired for their contributions in the evolution of mankind through spiritual practices, numerology, cooking, chinaware and many other subjects.

I decided to first explore cities of China and eventually continue the rest of journey to other nations. I was looking for lucrative deals since I was a little low on my budget. To my surprise, I got a hang of an online tour site that offered some incredible tour packages. Unlike, ordinary tour agencies, this online tour agent provided me with an option to buy a smart card in order to explore Honk Kong at its best. I was quite amazed and curious to know more about how it works? Exploring the details further provided me with some great insights and I realized this whole deal was about to make my trip to Hong Kong more convenient and exciting. Basically, all I had to do is pay a certain amount of fee in order to get a Hong Kong attractions pass and then simply use the pass to discover all the renowned sightseeing places in Hong Kong. In addition to that, the customers subscribing to Hong Kong attractions pass also get an opportunity t choose sightseeing locations as per their preferences.

The pass I had brought provided me with entries to eleven prominent attraction spots which included Madame Tussauds, Ngong Ping 360, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Harbor & Jumbo Kingdom, and a couple of other spots. As far as travelling was concerned, I was offered with options to opt for anyone from the following which included Ocean Park, Big Bus Tour, and  Hong Kong Water Tours Cruise. Along with the journey, the pass had included three course meals. I was left astounded when I got this deal as it was the smartest ways possible for me to explore the best out of Hong Kong with low budget. I quickly booked my flight tickets and left for my destination.

Exploring different tourist attractions in Hong Kong definitely ingrained a different perspective in me. Engaging with locals, enjoying the street food, and getting to visit monasteries were some of the bold moment I could never forget. However, getting this beautiful to make the most of my trip with great technological support provided by this online tour agent simply helped me save money and accomplish my motives.

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