Remarkable Guest Blogging Strategies To Take Your Blog To A New Level

Guest blogging is causing a wild revolution. The concept that guest gets exposure and host gets high quality content for free makes perfect sense.

Make use of Marccx Media guest posting services to enhance referral traffic, get added exposure, enhance your SEO, and attain credibility. Some remarkable guests posting strategies that have been put into practice successfully by top bloggers are given below.

Multiple objectives

While writing guest post, majority of bloggers focus on generating links, or traffic or attention, which is their first big mistake. They forget that a good post will certainly get these benefits, so it becomes necessary to maximize overall effectiveness.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the different metrics like traffic, backlinks, subscribers, credibility, and social shares. In another column, add everything done to promote the post.

Prioritize your metric, which is more worthy to you. Is it a link, subscriber, or visitor? After collecting data, decide which combination of blog, host, topic, and promotion generates highest overall return.

Guest posting blitzkrieg

If you desire to turn into a celebrity, then go on guest posting blitz. For this, you will need to,

  • Create a list of 25 to 30 top blogs related to your niche
  • Look through each and every blog to create relevant topics, but make sure that the selected ideas are not covered. They need to be new to the host bloggers readers
  • Send email pitches starting with personal intro and even mention their blog content. Conclude with request to publish guest post and propose the topics you developed. Remember to include links to some of your past works
  • As soon as your pitch gets approved start researching and write great posts consistently. Impress your host and his/her audience providing valuable posts

Join A-list conversation

All the bloggers in your created list are related to your niche. You have already researched their blogs for guest posts. You can refer their work using the link in your guest post. After your post gets published, send an email rapidly to each blog owner you referred.

If your first post was successful, then chances that you will get invitation from them to write on related topic increases. Thus, you get leverage from your posts to get access to very prestigious blogs.

A-list blogs are valuable

Potential returns of guest posting on A-list blogs are absolutely astonishing. Write a simple post that is mind blowing and appeals to all audiences. With just a single amazing post published on A-list, blog is more efficient than posting hundreds of guest posts on small websites.

Engage guest posting services

Employing guest posting services enables you to associate with top bloggers and great publishing sites relevant to your targeted audience and niche.

For example, has a pool of experienced writers that create engaging guest posts. Guest post service providers operate with an aim to build organic links that enhance rankings, referral traffic, social interaction and brand awareness.

Guest blogging is a incredible opportunity to tap well established blogger’s huge audience into your target market.

Undercover User Experience Design Review

The importance of user experience has gained more traction in recent history. Although traditional outreach methods that have been the mainstay in pulling mass following for products, services and any other consumer-oriented items such as branding still play a great role, more emphasis is being placed on user experience to generate and maintain customers.

In this regard, organizations, big or small have been seeking methods, ways, and tricks to improve upon their user experience with the help of Undercover User Experience Design. More often than not, big companies with ‘deep pockets’ have been more successful in implementing improvement measures on their user experience. These are companies that have the funds to run this seemingly expensive endeavor.

For small companies, user experience improvement is very expensive, time-consuming and downright too complex to master. They in effect steer away from it entirely and, therefore, they do not benefit from it.

Ideally, this should not be the case. In fact, Cennydd Bowles and James Box want to prove that organizations can improve their user experience without necessarily eking about it. In their must-read book, the Undercover User Experience Design, they provide an easy to understand guide on how to go about developing user experience in websites from the ground up. Even more importantly, the book provides advice that is befitting to the real life businesses, which run under time and financial constraints.

What Undercover User Experience Design Offers Readers

A review would not be complete without a brush through of what the book offers. One of the most beneficial offerings that come with the book is the different design tools that can be used to provide the user experience. To complement the tools, Box and Bowles provide approaches and tips that will take any company a long way into instilling user-based designs.

On offer in the book is also the various stages that go into designing UX oriented websites. In providing these stages, Box and Bowles provide the “Generating Ideas” stage, the “Making it Real” stage and finally the “Refining your Solution” stage. In each of the mentioned stages, they provide the tools that are most appropriate to use to achieve your goals.

The book also offers ways of auditing website though “Content Audits”. Even more importantly, the book provides tools to do so.

Finally, the book comes with some very insightful resources that can help the design and development teams appreciate the importance of people-centered deigns.

The Best Audience For Undercover User Experience Design

Although every designer and developer can gain some insights about how to go about it for this book, the book is particularly helpful to novice UX designers. It breaks them into the philosophies of User Experience designs without thawing the design team completely.

The Demerits Of The Book

Being centered on novice UX designers, Undercover User Experience Design can come off as one of its main demerits. The book does not sufficiently cover some fundamental UX concepts, among them being low fidelity wireframes as compared to high fidelity wireframes and prototyping. This can be forgiven, given that the book is meant to guide designers through the basics of UX.

Fruitful ways to build your career using website themes

The growing popularity for the internet usage is widely increasing everywhere people of all age access internet for several works. The updations of every works and online services like e- learning, billing, booking, shopping makes users to stay connected with single area for all operations. To handle every service at online web pages are used that provide detailed information to the people on respective area. If one wants to know about any concern or product then searching on internet offers so many answers related your request. The services that come in first with good ratings are trustworthy and safe to access for your needs.


Normally search engines locate the websites and its quality by analyzing their operation they filter out the trusted ones from fake services. So that online users can access the online services in safe way without worrying about issues and fraudulence. Nowadays users are searching for online operations to make their job easy and simple. It will be effective to use it instead of going to shops. People hate to wait in long queue at bank, bill payments and ticket booking after the existence of online service it is very simple that people get everything in single steps. Redirect to respective website to complete your task without waiting anymore the performance is faster that process every operation immediately within few seconds.

Better assistance for website creation

Website plays major role in all areas without their operation users cannot use the online services more frequently just make use of those to get the best in safe way. Instead reaching to website designers here is best option that lowers your time on designing. Word press offers website templates and themes for all categories of concerns client can look all the themes available on their respective category. For example if you are running shop then improve it through online shopping search website templates on the respective category and choose the suitable one. Choose the theme and aid assistance of support team to improve features or customize the labels in different way.

Currently million of websites are introduced everyday one must withstand their market among those ones, to popularize your standard user has to work more on bringing out the theme in right manner. They technical team has now updated their standard they use advanced coding technology to get responsive websites. Many people are using their services through mobile phones which are simple and easy so need to look for computer. Just proceed your shopping, billing and ticket booking using the responsive websites. While providing best features to the users they will stay connected with your concern hence get the right technical support from website theme providers to upgrade your business standard to next level. There are many website concerns that offer featured designs along with seo operation choose the best one that use latest programming languages put their creativeness in bringing out something different. Internet offer ready answers to your entire requirement explore to find suitable one. Get impressive website templates at

UK VPS Hosting for Improved Business Solutions

cyber -1For any business the mantra for gaining success lies in an online presence. Like most entrepreneurs even I was hungry to reach the heights in business. I was aware of the fact that websites are the face of business. With increasing traffic the existing plan was not cutting any further. There came a point where my growing website simply started using too many resources on the server. At this point I had no option but to upgrade the service to a more robust solution. Luckily I found help in UK VPS hosting which was more powerful and suited more to my business requirements. It presents a unique combination of dedicated server, functionality and reliability and affordability of shared server accounts.

Due to its specific construction of virtualization technologies, UK VPS London was able to perform just like a dedicated server providing abundant resources. With this I did not had to worry about the online security which was my biggest concern. I was assured that every single virtual partition is completely isolated from unauthorized access and only I can access the virtual server and data. It was certainly a big relief as confidentiality will be maintained. On the other hand there was control over the web presence. I was able to manage the entire virtual business environment with ultimate efficiency just through a web control panel.

In other words the whole system was flexible which is what I was looking for. Likewise I had the option of choosing my own operating system. The VPS model implies that all of the essential server resources like RAM, web space, disk space are allocated between the user individuality. There was never a chance of it being affected as it never gets shared. With the website hosted on a virtual server platform I could run my business with absolute confidence. There was never an issue of server lagging, slow website loading time or any security breaches.

The one aspect that really impressed me was it is the significant cost efficiency it offers while delivering top quality service at a fraction of a price of other hosting solutions. It served as the perfect hosting platform for the type of business I run. There is nothing more I could have asked for my business and is the apt hosting solution for all those who are on a tight budget. The company I had invested in was quite professional in their service.

I was also offered other valuable resources like customized web related tools and domain hosting assistance to ensure smooth running of work operations. In step towards gaining online recognition I was provided with the preferred domain name UK. A wide choice of different generic and top level domain names were up for grabs along with a hassle free registration in place and free transfer procedures. All it took was a few minutes to get started which also included multiple year registration. The service providers from UK do help in getting a foot hold online. To be honest I was impressed with the quality of help offered. I definitely recommend every business owners to seek their assistance. The assurance is no one will be disappointed by the final outcome.

Chris Danks is author of this article on UK VPS London.Find more information about preferred domain name UK.


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