Common Misconceptions About Getting a Job After College

After college, when you are in the thick of looking for a job, you may be face to face with the monster of competition. Whatever industry you are entering; you will be dealing with a grueling application process that will rival the application process you dived into when you were trying to get into college. The main difference here is that this is real life and your entire career is on the line. One of the best ways to navigate the job market is to know some of the common misconception and myths about the job market. When you graduate, a career after college will seem like a mythical unicorn, but once you clear up some of these misconceptions, you will realize that the career pursuit is a lot tamer after all. Here are some common misconceptions about getting a job after college.

Posting On Multiple Job Boards Will Yield More Results

There are a lot of job boards out there and each one will promise you a lot of interviews and possible job offers. However, you really need to know how each of these boards work. If you simply upload your CV and hope for the best, you won’t get many results. Ideally, you want to work the sites, use the search functions and actually reply to job postings.

If You Changed Jobs a Lot It Will Look Bad on Your CV

If your CV has multiple jobs listed, you will only come across as having more experience. Employers are looking for individuals with experience, so if you are leaving out jobs for fear that if you include too many it will make you look bad, you want to put those job descriptions back in. Also, adding multiple colleges, like University of Cincinnati and University of Houston will also look good.

Not Asking for as Much Money Will Make You More Hirable

There will always be potential candidates out there with a lot of talent that will demand a high offer before getting hired. If you swoop in and offer your services for cheaper, the employer will always take the more expensive hire. This is because employers are looking for quality, which costs money. In the job market, your salary request will determine your overall value.

Always Take the First Job Offer

One of the biggest myths in the job market is that potential candidates should always take the first offer. Sure, the first offer may seem tempting, but what if another window of opportunity opens up a few months later? Sure, you could risk losing the first opportunity, but you do want to hold out. If the first opportunity was meant to be, it will still be there.

Don’t Ever Negotiate On Your Salary

On top of everything, there is a pervading myth that you should never negotiate your salary. However, if you are talented and if you know that you are a catch, you could double your salary and earn benefits. All you have to do is stick in there. In the end, only if you raise your annual salary by a thousand dollars, you can still count that as a success.