How To Understand Whether You are a Foodie or Not?

In 1981, Paul Levy and Ann Barr invented the term ‘foodie’, who used it in the title of their book ‘The Official Foodie Handbook’ in 1984. The word is used to describe an individual who finds out and enjoys new foods, restaurants and wines. A food connoisseur delights in the complete sensory experience of food. At the grocery store, for example, a food enthusiast will exuberantly find the perfect fleshy and plump fruit, smelling it, squeezing it gently, and noticing the color and ripeness. A foodie enjoys the entire experience of eating as the person has a lust for new food experiences, which includes shopping for food, exploring food, arranging and cooking food, and unquestionably consuming great food.

According to food enthusiast and die-hard fan of Master Chef Robert F. Burke, you will be considered a connoisseur of good food if you like gourmet food. Chiefly a gourmet is a person who not only enjoys drinking good wines or drinks, eating good food but he or she also has a lot of understanding and knowledge about various types of food. Generally a gourmet is related with high quality food that is considered to be classy, luxurious and well presented. A gourmet has adequate knowledge to talk about dishes and foods that are not understood very well.

If one considers this enlightenment of gourmet food, then there are many various kinds of foods that can be categorized in this class. Desserts, meats, cheeses, drinks, and even fruits fall under this category. All these preparations and cooking will be not only be delicious, but are also delicacies in their own rights. Some specimens of gourmet food include foie gras, truffles, smoked salmon, cheeses, specialty meats, caviar and certain condiments. These foods are presented and served in such a way that all the senses are roused and eating them becomes an act or devotion.

There are many stores across the US that specialize in selling gourmet foods. These stores, while ensuring that the items are always fresh have to follow very strict quality standards. So, whether you are purchasing Iranian caviar or Russian caviar, you can be assured of the freshness and the quality. Of course, to indulge in this passion, you should also be willing to pay big bucks. If you are a lover of gourmet food, you know how costly it can be to purchase Spanish saffron, gourmet cookies, or gourmet chocolates.

Ready to eat meals have carved a niche for themselves and have become extremely popular among food lovers because of factors like convenience, health, variety and the simplicity that they offer. They have won the heart of millions of connoisseurs and foodies like Robert F. Burke, and made life simpler for those who are faced with limited cooking options and lead a busy lifestyle. Not only have they been the impeccable and perfect quick meal substitute but also solved many problems when things have just not gone the intended way and the baking tray has had overcooked layers.

You do not always need to become a food connoisseur, but a tranquil and easy way to add more happiness to your life is to make your individual eating experiences more pleasurable. The more you revel in your food involvements (shopping, cooking, eating, creating, and digesting), the more you enjoy life.