In What Ways the Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina is Better than Creek Cruises

Being a first time visitor in Dubai, you are bound to experience the exotic nightlife of the country on a cruise. However, it is extremely confusing since there are so many cruises available. The most popular cruising options in Dubai include Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina and the Creek Cruises.

Many experts have suggested that the Dhow Cruises from Dubai Marina are better than the other cruises. In this article, we will be comparing the dhow cruises and the creek cruises of Dubai on various aspects.


To understand which cruising option is better, we must analyse the areas first. While Dubai Marina is an area, which is newly built, the Creek is an old part of Dubai. Here are the characteristics of both the ports –

  • The creek has a really small port. This port is consisted of two sides. These sides are referred to as Deira and Bur Dubai respectively. Since the Bur Dubai is mainly occupied by the promenade, it is not considered as a pleasant sight for the cruisers. The Deira side has few iconic buildings, which are nice to see, but they are not worth it.
  • Whereas, Dubai Marina is newly constructed and is filled with the world’s best restaurants and cafes. It also has some great architecture that is a delight to see.

Surroundings and the Ambience

Ambience plays a very important role. If the ambience of the place that you are visiting is soothing and appealing, you tend to enjoy a lot more than usual.

  • The ambience of the Creek is usually noisy and crowded. There are various business firms and markets there and the roads are always busy with the traffic.
  • Since Dubai Marina is newly constructed, and it is not occupied much, you will experience a calm and a classy environment there. Dubai Marina looks beautiful at night.

Quality and Novelty

If you are spending so much on your cruise trips, you would a higher quality services to enhance your experience.

  • Since the creek is overcrowded, you will not gain high quality services there. The restaurants that are there at the creek are surprisingly cheap and hence you will not get high quality services there.
  • The Dubai Marina is surrounded by an exotic ambience and has the world’s best restaurants. Since these restaurants will serve you at higher prices, you can expect a high quality delivery from them.

Most of the citizens of Dubai are now bored of the Creek Cruises since they are old. However, the Dubai Marina cruises are new. The place is newly built and that’s why the citizens of Dubai can explore new places.

To conclude, we can establish that the Dhow Cruises at the Dubai Marina are far better than the Creek Cruises. If you are planning to do something different on your birthday, you can go to the Dubai Marina since it is filled with the best birthday party venues in Dubai. These places will provide you with the best quality services and an exotic evening with your family or friends. If you plan to visit Dubai, you must check out the Dubai Marina cruises.