Things to know before going to have an emotional support dog

 The concept of getting an emotional support animal is the current trend of the modern generation.   There are many individuals out there who get emotional support and comfort from animals such as dogs.  As per the psychiatrists, animal companionship is a great way to get genuine benefits of therapy.  It is observed that many individuals, suffering due to anxiety and psychiatric disabilities,   are really comfortable with the kind of emotional support they are getting from these companions.

If you are going through chronic depression, anxiety, stress and you are considering getting an emotional support dog, you need to know about your responsibilities and legal rights before bringing home the animals.   There are many legal factors that come into action when you are out in public place or you are travelling via airline with your pet dog.

What is an emotional support dog?

Do you have a clear idea on the concept of emotional support dog?  Usually, these animals are supposed to provide you with comfort and support via affection and companionship, when you are going through chronic anxieties, depression   or mental trauma.   Do not confuse the roles of emotional support animals with that of the service animals.  Such pets   are not supposed to perform several tasks such as helping someone while the road or searching something which is misplaced.

Emotional support dogs are actually used for getting rid of several conditions such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders and bipolar, phobias, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other psychological conditions.  As per the   doctors reveal, these animals can offer genuine health benefits and comforts.  The companionship of these pet dogs help to control your blood pressure, stress levels, cholesterols. Are you wondering how a dog can help to control your health?  If you start to cope up with the feelings of loneliness and isolation by having a good companion, you will automatically start to feel good.  If your mind is fresh and positive, you can easily eliminate the issues like depression, anxiety and stress.   It is a proven fact that support animals help to improve the mental health of the individuals having emotional and mental issues.

What are the qualifications of getting an emotional support dog?

   You need   to match certain conditions in order to get the help of an emotional support animal. The first and foremost criteria to qualify for and emotional support animal is being occupied with a mental or emotional diagnosis which stops you to do at least one important activity of your regular life.  Some emotional disabilities and physiological conditions which are applicable for an emotional support dog are mentioned below:

  • Personality disorders
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Stress disorders
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

Apart from the owner of the emotional support dog, the dog also needs to meet certain criteria for serving the purposes of the owner.  These dogs do not need to be specifically trained. They just require to be reasonable well mannered, as per the pet standards, in public places.  Such dogs need to have the proper toilet trainings along with the habits of not snapping or barking suddenly.